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Chase: All right, listen up, guys. We're introducing a new element to training: The Bionic Battle. Each week, two of you will be pitted against each other in a physical challenge.

Spin: To the death?

Leo: (sarcastically) Yes, Big D built this multi-million-dollar facility to train and house you just so we could pick you off one by one!

Chase: So each week's winner will earn points toward advancing to the next bionic skill level. And the loser gets... Well, humiliated.

Bree: Spin, since you're the youngest, you get to choose an opponent first.

Spin: Yes! Scared? Ya should be.

Chase: No, no. This isn't about scaring people. No one's going to get hurt

(A basketball gets thrown to Chase's back)

Chase: (in pain) Ow!

(Chase goes to the hydro-loop with Bree and finds Adam and Bob)

Chase" (to Adam and Bob) What are you doing?

Bob: We're throwing this thing at that thing. I'm an athlete!

Bree: (to Adam) Adam, you're a mentor now. You have to start acting like one.

Adam: (to Bree) I am. We're supposed to teach them how to use their abilities. So... We're havin' a bionic slam dunk contest.

Bob: Incoming!

(Bob jumps to the basket with the ball and clings himself there)

Bree: Bob! Get down from there!

Bob: Sorry, little lady. No can do.

Bree: Why not?

Bob (nervously): Because I'm afraid of heights!

Chase: But you can levitate.

Bob: (still nervous) Oh, I'm good going up. It's the going down that never ends well.

Chase: I'll have to use my Molecular Kinesis to get him down.

Bree: Or you could just use a ladder.

(Chase uses his Molecular Kinesis to get Bob down, he screams, and they both end in the floor with the basket on them)

Adam: I don't know what you're talking about. That ended very well.

(Intro Plays)

Mr. Davenport: Okay, Tasha. I, I got it honey. Ok, now you're just growling.

Bree: Trouble in paradise?

Mr. Davenport: I've just been so busy with the academy I haven't been able to spend any time with Tasha.

Adam: And she's complaining about that!

Chase: Hey Mr. Davenport, why don't you go back to Mission Creek with her for a couple of days? We can handle things here.

Mr. Davenport: Thanks but there's too much going on here. Tasha will just have to wait.

(Leo walks in the room)

Leo: Hey Big D. What are you and mom doing for your anniversary tonight?

Mr. Davenport: Ha! Anniversary

(Mr. Davenport gasps)

Mr Davenport: I'll call you from the mainland.

Adam: Hey. Is Mr. Davenport gone yet?

Chase: Yup. The hydraloop just left.

Adam: Good, because the party train just arrived.

(Adam and Bob do a chest slam)

Adam: Oh sorry dude.

Bob;  It's cool. I'm a beast!

(Adam laughing)

Adam: All right. Who's get ready to do some things we'll regret.

Bree: Adam! We're supposed to be responsible.

Adam: Look we're supposed to teach them life lessons and today's life lesson is about doing things we can't do when Mr. Davenport is here. Right Bob?

Bob: Right.

(Adam and Bob do another chest slam. Then, Chase walks in the room.)

Chase: Adam. Mr. Davenport left us in charge. We're not just goofing around.

Adam: Alright. We'll I'm in charge too and I say we are. Bob these are the moments that define us, the moments that prove we are men. Now let's go have a belly flop contest!

(Adam's class starts to cheer)

Bob: Adam, you're the best mentor ever. When I grow up I want to be just like you.

Adam: Then who would I be?

(Leo and Janelle walk out of the hydroloop) 

Leo: Welcome to paradise!

Janelle: You said we were going to Hawaii.

Leo: We did. We went right under it.

(Chase walks over)

Chase: Leo, what are you doing?

Leo: Well, since Big D is taking care of his lady I thought I'd bring mine for a little vacation.

Chase: This isn't a vacation resort.

(Members of Adam's class walk by laughing with towels and pool noodles.)

(Bree walks in)

Bree: Leo. Mr. Davenport is counting on us to work while he's away. Just help us out.

Leo: I would love to but that sounds like a mentor problem and I'm just a student. Ta ta.

Janelle: Wait. You're just a student. I thought you said you were a teacher.

Leo: (Laughing) I am. Hey look there's one of my students now.

Spin: What? I'm not one of your students.

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