He may not have super intelligence, but he's Bob. And that's why I love him.
— Adam about Bob in Bob Zombie

Adob is the pairing of Adam Davenport and Bob. Adam is Bob's mentor and they're best friends.

Other Names

  • Adamob (Adam + B/ob)
  • Bobam (Bob + Ad/am)


Season 3

First Day of Bionic Academy

  • Adam is Bob's mentor.
  • Adam chose Bob's name.
  • Bob likes the name.
    IMG 20150621 092120 3689

Adam Steps Up

  • Adam called Bob his best friend.
  • They did twice a chest-bump.
  • Adam was worried about Bob.
  • Adam tried to save Bob.
  • Bob stepped up for Adam.
  • Bob called Adam a good mentor.

Season 4

Left Behind

  • Bree says Bob is a mini version of Adam.

Space Elevator

  • Adam tries to help Bob pass his exercises.
  • Adam tells Bob he looks forward to seeing him fail again.

Bob Zombie

  • Adam didn't like it when Bob had super intelligence.

The Curse of the Screaming Skull

  • Bob wanted to make it up to Adam for ruining his surprise.
  • They hugged each other, but quickly let go of each other.

Ultimate Tailgate Challenge

  • Adam didn't want to go to the football game because Bob couldn't go.
  • They played catch with a coffee table.


Lab Rats 'Gallery'
The image gallery for Adob may be viewed here.

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