You just got schooled, players!
— Alaster to Adam and Bree in Perry 2.0
Alaster is an exchange student from Ireland. Alaster is good at mimicking accents. He was suspected of being another bionic spy like Marcus by Adam and Bree. However, after several tests which hurt him very badly, they deemed that he was not a bionic spy after all.

He is portrayed by Matthew J. Evans.


  • Reflexes: He does not appear to have bionics, however, he has very good reflexes, as he was able to catch Bree's water bottle when Adam threw it.
  • Accent Imitation: He can vocally imitate several accents very well.  


Alaster seems to be kind, but also arrogant at some times.


Season 2


Season 3


Lab Rats 'Gallery'
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