Code: Bradam Perfect

Imageguhjbu This user ships Bradam!

Code: Bradam
This user ships Bradam!!!<3

Code: Cutest Ship
BradamSharing This user
knows Bradam is the
cutest ship on Lab Rats!

Code: BradamLove
This user thinks Bradam's cute!

Code: Bradam Is In Love
Image45679 This user ships Bradam because they're so cute!

Code: Bradam Beautiful
BradamSinkOrSwimMoment This user loves the way Bradam looks at each other!

Code: BradamLoveForever


This user adores Bradam!

Code: BradamAwesome
0pol This user loves the way Bradam smiles at each other!

Code: BradamHoleInOne
Labratsholeinonehug1 This user loves Bradam hugs!

Code: Bradam Care
This user loves Bradam because they care about each other !

Code: AdoreBradam


This user knows Bradam is the best pairing on Lab Rats!

Code: Bradam Fan
This user loves Bradam!

Code: BradamAdorable
MBradam This user loves the way Bradam looks out for each other!
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