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Characters Shipped

Bree Davenport and Kavan




Brethan, Browen, Jakee, Broliver, Broy

Portrayed by

Kelli Berglund and Cody Christian

Bravan (Br/ee and K/avan) is the romantic pairing of Bree Davenport and Kavan. Kavan was Bree's first love interest.

Other Names

  • Kree (K/avan and B/ree)
  • Kavee (Kav/an and Br/ee)
  • Brevan (Bre/e and Ka/van)


Season 1

Crush, Chop and Burn

  • Bree accidently hit Kavan's face with a basketball, making Kavan's nose throb.
  • Kavan later went up to Bree and introduced himself to her.
  • Kavan asked Bree if she wanted to go to a party.
  • Bree saw Kavan at the party and asked if his nose was throbbing.
  • Kavan told Bree that if his nose doesn't get better by Monday, they're gonna drain it.

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