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Brethan (Bre/e + E/than) is the relationship between Bree Davenport and Ethan. Ethan is Bree's ex-boyfriend, and Bree's second love interest after Kavan.

Other Names

  • Ethee (Eth/an and Br/ee)
  • Bran (Br/ee and Eth/an)


Season 1

Leo's Jam

  • Ethan wanted to ask Bree to the dance.
  • Bree wanted to go with Ethan to the dance.
  • Bree was nervous to talk to Ethan.
  • Ethan and Bree danced.
  • Bree wore high heels, so she couldn't run away from Ethan.

Smart and Smarter

  • Bree wanted to hang out with Ethan.
  • They had nicknames for each other.
  • Bree got mad when Leo made her leave Ethan. And they broke up


[1]First Love, First Loss.[2]


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