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Browen (Br/ee and Owen) is the romantic pairing of Bree Davenport and Owen. Owen was Bree's third love interest.

Other Names

  • Owee (Ow/en + Br/ee)
  • Breowen (Bre/e + Owen)
  • Brewen (Bre/e + O/wen)
  • Breewen (Bree + O/wen)


Season 2

Bandicam 2015-08-13 16-03-23-491
  • They were texting each other.
  • Owen texted Bree 'hi.'
  • Bree wanted to go to Owen's art exhibition.
  • Owen showed Bree a mask made out of video game controllers.
    Bandicam 2015-08-26 14-20-55-706
  • Owen made a painting of Bree.
  • Owen said Bree is his muse.
Spike's Got Talent
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  • Bree told the others Owen was so tortured, and asked if it was great.
  • They wanted to do different things.
  • Owen didn't like any of Bree's idea, but he liked Adam's.
  • Owen left, which made Bree sad because she wanted to do something together with him.
  • Bree let the Butter-Perry melt because she was jealous.
  • Bree wanted to make it up to Owen.

The Haunting of Mission Creek High

  • They were painting on each other.

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