Chanielle (Cha/se + Da/nielle) is the pairing between Chase Davenport and Danielle. In Leo's Jam, Danielle went to the school dance with Chase and was his first love interest.

Other Names

  • Danase (Dan/ielle + Ch/ase)
  • Chasielle (Chas/e + Dan/ielle)
  • Daniellase (Daniell/e + Ch/ase)
  • Chaslle (Chas/e + Danie/lle)


Season 1

Leo's Jam

  • Chase went to Danielle to talk to her.
  • Danielle wanted to go to the school dance with Chase.
  • Chase was really happy when Danielle wanted to go to the school dance with him.
  • Danielle asked Chase to dance with her.
  • Chase does the Refrigerator Dance in front of her.
  • Danielle gets creeped out by Chase's dance and leaves him.

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