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Look... Chase... you and I have a lot more in common than you think. I know what it's like to be unappreciated, to have a sibling who always steals the spotlight. I know how hard it's been for you...

Chouglas (Ch/ase and D/ouglas) is the pairing of a father and son, Douglas and Chase Davenport. They are very similar. They have saved each others lives, but Chase also double-crossed and froze him. Chase steps up for Douglas in Taken, and Douglas in You Posted What?!?. They do a lot together, and it is assumed Douglas considers Chase his favorite out of all the Lab Rats.

Other Names

  • Dase (D/ouglas + Ch/ase)
  • Chalas (Cha/se + Doug/las)
  • Douglase (Dougl/as + Ch/ase)
  • Dougase (Doug/as + Ch/ase)


Season 2

Bionic Showdown

  • Douglas called Chase 'Boy Wonder'.


  • Douglas saved Chase's life of an avalanche.
  • When Chase asked Douglas what he was doing in Antarctica, he answered: "I'm saving my son's life!"
  • Douglas gave Chase soup.
  • Douglas told Chase that they've much in common.
  • Douglas told Chase that he knows how Chase feels.
  • Chase shook Douglas' hand.
  • Douglas told Chase he can call him 'Dad'.
  • Douglas had his arm around Chase.
  • Douglas tried to turn Chase evil.
  • Douglas wanted Chase to join him.
  • Chase double-crossed Douglas.
  • Douglas was shocked that Chase betrayed him.
  • Chase froze Douglas in suspended animation using Donald's new invention, the ice-blaster.

Season 3

Sink or Swim

  • Douglas was afraid that Chase would get hurt.
  • Chase said he'd end Douglas if anything would happen to their family.


  • Chase defended Douglas against Donald.
  • Chase saved Douglas' life.
  • Chase seemed to be the first one to forgive Douglas.

Which Father Knows Best?

  • Chase seemed to be happy that Douglas was in their house.
  • They were both arguing about the motorcycle with their brothers.

You Posted What?!?

  • They were in the lab together.
  • Douglas kinda gave Chase advice.
  • Douglas defended Chase against Donald.
  • Douglas was the only one to defend Chase.

Brother Battle

  • Douglas wanted to help Chase again.
  • Chase laughed when Douglas imitated Donald.
  • Douglas asked why Chase don't get even with Adam. 
  • Douglas gave Chase a new ability.
  • Douglas said he feels Chase's pain.
  • Douglas told Chase something about his childhood.
  • Douglas was sorry for Chase.
  • They were in the lab together.
  • Chase put his arm around Douglas.
  • Chase was glad that Douglas was going to give him a new ability.
  • Chase came to Douglas to ask him to give a new ability to him.
  • Chase persuaded Douglas.

Rise of the Secret Soldiers

  • Douglas told Chase how to fuse their abilities.
  • Chase asked Douglas how they had to fuse their abilities.
  • Douglas didn't agree when Adam said he had to blame Chase.
  • They side-hugged.

Season 4

Under Siege
  • Chase knelt down next to Perry because Douglas didn't want to do it.
  • Chase blamed Douglas for what happened on the academy.

Bionic Dog

  • Chase yelled 'Douglas!'
  • Chase helped Douglas up.
  • Chase distracted Adam and Otis so they wouldn't attack Douglas.
  • Chase showed Douglas the security cam.
  • Douglas chose Chase over Otis.
  • Douglas didn't want Chase of the island.
  • Douglas said that Chase was right.
  • Douglas called Chase 'Smartest Guy in the World' and Chase called Douglas 'Guy Who Built Me'.
  • Chase covered himself with peanut butter to save Douglas.
  • They laughed and looked at each other when Otis peed on the phone.

Spider Island

  • They worked together to reanimate an extinct spider.
  • Douglas wanted Chase's help.
  • Chase said: 'You're right, Douglas'.
  • They ignored Leo while they were talking.
  • Douglas gave grow hormones to the spider while Chase had told him 'do not do that'.
  • They didn't want Leo to help them.
  • They patted each other several times on the back.
  • Chase spended his day off with Douglas.
  • They went to the mainland together.
  • Douglas wanted to bring more extinct animals back to life with Chase.
  • They were both mad at Leo.
  • They were both covered with goo.

Spike vs. Spikette

  • Douglas told Chase that another student has the commando app.
  • Douglas patted Chase several times on his back and chest.
  • Douglas told Chase he wasn't that special.
  • Chase disobeyed Douglas.
  • Chase apologized to Douglas.
  • Douglas threw the chip distractor to Chase.
  • Douglas told Chase to apologize to Kate.
  • Douglas made fun of Chase.
  • Douglas hoped that Chase had learned his lesson.
  • Douglas agreed with Chase.
  • Douglas turned Chase's head so he could see the one with a commando app.

Bionic Action Hero

  • They worked together to make a virus.
  • Douglas told Chase to relax.
  • Douglas patted Chase on his shoulder.

One of Us

  • They discovered that Krane implanted the students with a deadly virus.
  • They were trying to find a way to get rid of the virus together.
  • Chase told Douglas that his idea was brilliant.
  • They worked together on the desk.
  • Chase told S-1 that Douglas' jokes are horrible.
  • Douglas pushed Chase back down on the desk.
  • They both bent down next to S-1.
  • They played Krane and S-1.
  • Douglas helped Chase to get up. 

Bob Zombie

  • Chase was the flower girl at Douglas' almost-wedding.


Lab Rats 'Gallery'
The image gallery for Chouglas may be viewed here.


  • In Avalanche! Douglas risked his life for Chase and in Taken Chase risked his life for Douglas.
  • In Taken, Chase defended Douglas against Donald and in You Posted What?!? Douglas defended Chase against Donald. Douglas was the only one to stood up for Chase.
  • They look a lot like each other. They have the same or a similar haircut, they have the same face-structure, they have the same eye color and they're both small. 
  • They have much in common, like having a sibling who steals the spotlight, being the youngest and being smart.
  • In Sink or Swim, Chase said that he'd end Douglas if anything would happen to his family and he was about to attack him, together with Adam and Bree.
  • They worked together in Spider Island, making this their first real father-son experience.  


I'm saving my son's life!
Look, I feel your pain.


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