The Full Body Cyber Cloak, more commonly called the Cyber-Cloak, is a version of the Cyber Mask that can holographically transform and disguise the entire body of its user and not just the voice, head, and face. The holographic disguise completely transforms the features of the subject without any signs of the the users true visage, no matter how much the size, shape, structure, and overall appearance of the user differs from their disguise. The height and weight of the disguised person can be adjusted to make it more convincing and realistic. The cloak has a malfunction where the disguise, or voice, cannot be deactivated, trapping the user in the form of whoever they are pretending to be. 

According to Douglas, he gave Victor Krane a Cyber Mask and a Cloak, which led them to believe he disguised himself as a girl to film the Lab Rats fixing the pipe.

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