Adam, Bree, and Chase using bionics in the great room.

The Davenport Household is a house in Mission Creek that belongs to inventor, Donald Davenport. This is the house that all of the main characters formerly lived in. This house appears to be a large mansion, with a variety of colors on the outside and has many windows. It is the central location the show takes place in for the first 3 seasons.

This house is also on a cliff, and on Billionaire Butte. It was first seen in Crush, Chop and Burn. In No Going Back, the house had been repossessed due to Donald being broke, but it was returned to him in Sink or Swim. The Davenport Household has been seen in every episode in Seasons 1-3 except for the episodes First Day of Bionic Academy and Unauthorized Mission. The only Season 4 episodes it appeared in are One of Us, Lab Rats: On The Edge, and The Vanishing.


This house has many rooms. In Can I Borrow the Helicopter?, it is revealed that Davenport has a pool table room, a bumper car room, an arcade room, a surf simulator room, and a room full of mirrors that Davenport likes to call "A room full of me". The other rooms revealed are the living room, the hallway, Tasha's sewing room and Davenport's Laboratory. There is also an elevator that leads to the Laboratory, the Art Vault and there is a Weapons Vault underneath the Lab.

Davenport and Leo in the kitchen.

In the House

400px-Lab Rats house

View of the house.

  • Living Room/Family Room
  • Pool Table Room
  • Bumper Car Room
  • Arcade Room
  • Surf Simulator Room
  • Mirror Room
  • Sewing Room
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Hallway
  • Elevator
  • Stairs
  • Attic
  • Tasha's Sewing Room
  • Leo's Room
    129680 2112 pre

    The garage with self driving car.

  • Donald and Tasha's Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom(s)
  • Front Porch
  • The Lab (the basement)
  • Art Vault
  • Garage with Self Driving Car (Car was destroyed by Adam Davenport who filled the gas tank with fuel while the car was electrical, it exploded when Donald activated it at the end of Speed Trapped.)
  • Guitars
  • Flat Screen TV (with every channel in the entire world)
  • Plants
  • Desk
  • Glass Table
  • Davenports Backyard
  • Weapons Vault
  • Garden
  • 5 floors (possibly more)

(possibly more; not listed or shown)

Known Visitors

(possibly more; not listed or shown)


  • The Davenports' neighbors are the Rosenblatts. Their neighbors were also the Harringtons, but they might have moved out because Donald won the car race against them in The Bionic 500.  
  • The Rosenblatts could possibly be the Goldbergs in the Parallel Universe, who were mentioned by Parallel Tasha in the episode Parallel Universe.

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