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Davenportia is Donald Davenport's colony he built on a planet called Lithios in space. It appeared in the episode Space Colony. At the end of the episode Space Colony, it is revealed Donald lost his colony.


  • Its dome mimics Earth's atmosphere.
  • There are several transparent exit tunnels and a shuttle dock.
  • Lithios and its colony are not located in the Milky Way but in another unknown galaxy.
  • In the episode Face Off, Donald states that he has big changes coming up for Davenport Industries. He may have meant Davenportia and the Davenport Bionic Academy.
  • It's unknown when Donald had built it but it may explain why he was absent from the Bionic Academy so many times.
  • Davenportia is also what Donald calls the lab in The Rats Strike Back.
  • Tasha wanted Davenportia to be named "Tashadonia" and Leo wanted it to be named "Dooleyopolis".
Dome Interior

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