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Disney XD's Lab Rats Wiki

The official wiki for everything Lab Rats: Bionic Island!
The official wiki for everything Lab Rats: Bionic Island!

Disney XD's Official Lab Rats: Bionic Island Wiki

Welcome to the Lab Rats: Bionic Island Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything related to Lab Rats. There are 537 articles and we are still growing since this wiki was founded. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the Lab Rats: Bionic Island franchise. Don't forget to visit Rules before editing this wiki.

There currently are 109,014 edits to this wiki.

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Leo 1

Tyrel Jackson Williams (born March 16, 1997) stars as Leo Dooley in the Disney XD series Lab Rats. He is an American teen actor, singer and musician. His feature film credits include roles in Failure to Launch, The Naked Brothers Band and 2 for the Money. He has also appeared national commercials for companies such as Target, Verizon, McDonald's, Chex Mix and General Mills. He was also a singing actor for Tyrone in the TV series The Backyardigans. Williams was previously seen in Everybody Hates Chris, as a younger version of Chris, played by his older brother, Tyler James Williams. Read more...

Featured Character


Chase Davenport (formerly known as Subject C) is the youngest of the three super humans, but he also happens to be the smartest. Chase is possibly capable of possessing all bionic abilities, including super strength and super speed, as Douglas Davenport, his father, had mastered the bionic infrastructure. He is one of the five main characters. Chase is the 16-year-old leader of the team with an incredible intelligence rate, super bionic senses, the ability to create force fields around himself as well as specific parts of his body, and use molecularkinesis. Read more...

Featured Episode

Rise of the secret soldiers poster

Rise of the Secret Soldiers is the 21st-22nd episode in Season 3 of Lab Rats. It first aired on January 26, 2015. This is the 67th-68th episode overall. As Adam, Bree and Chase become celebrities, fame begins to tear them apart. The friction among the group becomes evident when a reality show follows them on a mission and things go awry. However, they must put aside their differences to stop Krane from his evil plan of taking over the planet. Read more...

Featured Pairing


Speo (Sp/eo and L/eo) is the friendship/rivalry pairing of Leo Dooley and Spin. Although they don't get along, they're shown to be so much alike in behavior and personality. Read more...

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