Dotis (Do/uglas & O/tis) is the pairing of Douglas Davenport and Otis. Douglas found Otis as a stray and saved his life with bionics. Krane tampered with Otis's chip and gave him the mission to eliminate Douglas. Douglas didn't want to hurt Otis when he was trying to kill him. Douglas extracted Otis's chip and sent him to live with the Kranes (no relation to Victor Krane).

Other Names

  • Oglas (O/tis and Dou/glas)
  • Dougis (Doug/las and Ot/is)


Season 4

Bionic Dog

  • Douglas was happy to see Otis.
  • Douglas didn't want to get rid of Otis.
  • Douglas didn't want to hurt Otis.

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