Yeah, you're a psychopath, but I've dated worse!
— Douglas to Giselle in The Vanishing

Dougelle (Doug/las and Gis/elle) is the relationship between Douglas and Giselle. They used to date, but they are now enemies, although Douglas still wants to get back with her.

Other Names

  • Gislas (Gis/elle and Doug/las)
  • Doselle (Do/uglas and Gi/selle)
  • Giselas (Gise/lle and Doug/las)
  • Douelle (Dou/glas and Gis/elle)



Season 4

Bionic Action Hero

  • Douglas wanted to get back together with Giselle, even though she tried to kill Chase.
  • Douglas kept on trying to impress Giselle.
  • Douglas revealed him and Giselle broke up over arguing about where to put the chips for Bionic Abilities.
  • Douglas said that Giselle breaking up with him was the worst day of his life.

The Vanishing

  • Douglas told Giselle she could have him back.

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