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The following is a list of Lab Rats episodes that aired on Disney XD starting February 27, 2012. The show is about a teenager named Leo who discovers three teens with bionic powers in the basement of his new home. Starring Tyrel Jackson Williams, Billy Unger, Kelli Berglund, Spencer Boldman, and Hal Sparks.

In Season 4: Bionic Island, Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo are relocated to the Davenport Bionic Academy, where they mentor the next generation of bionic superheroes.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
  1 20 February 27, 2012 November 5, 2012
  2 26 February 25, 2013 January 13, 2014
style="background:#00C78C; color:#eee;" text-align:center;" |  3 26 February 17, 2014 February 5, 2015
style="background:#f28f00; color:#eee;" text-align:center;" |  4 26 March 18, 2015 TBA

Season 1: 2012

Fourteen-year old Leo lives in a high-tech house with his mom and inventor stepdad. When he discovers three super-secret bionic teenagers in the basement, he’s suddenly got more than high school to worry about! The Super Humans all have unique abilities – Adam has strength, Bree has speed and Chase has smarts. Eager to leave the confines of their lab, they convince Leo to take them along to school where they try to be normal teens while managing their bionic strengths. Between their super-human abilities and dangerous covert missions, Leo has a lot of secrets to keep!

-iTunes Description, Vol. 1


Season 1 Poster

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code[1] US viewer total
1-2 1-2 "Crush, Chop and Burn" Victor Gonzalez Chris Peterson & Bryan Moore February 27, 2012 101-102
Crush, Chop and Burn

Leo discovers three teen super-humans Adam, Bree and Chase, living in a secret underground lab in the high-tech home he shares with his inventor stepdad, Donald Davenport, his mom, Tasha, and Eddy, the "smart house" computer. Leo takes the trio to school, but when they are unable to contain their bionic abilities on campus, Davenport sends them away to a remote secret lab and now Leo must find a way to save his new friends.

Guest Stars: Angel Parker as Tasha and Will Forte as Eddy.

Disney XD description - part 1: Leo discovers three teens with bionic abilities living in the cellar of his new home.

Disney XD description - part 2: Leo's life greatly improves when he takes his bionic, superhuman siblings to school.

3 3 "Commando App" Victor Gonzalez Chris Peterson & Bryan Moore March 5, 2012 103

On the Lab Rats first day of school, all goes awry when Chase is confronted by a football player and his "Commando App" is triggered, transforming him into Spike, an unruly drill sergeant. When Spike defies the school principal, she pits the Lab Rats up against the football team to battle it out for the coveted cafeteria table. 

Guest Stars: Will Forte as Eddy.

Disney XD description: On the Lab Rats' first day of school, Leo hopes his siblings will help him get a better seat at lunch.

4 4 "Leo's Jam" Victor Gonzalez Heather Flanders March 12, 2012 105
El lio de leo

When Leo needs help asking a girl to the school dance, Adam and Chase step in to help, but the plan backfires when she falls for the wrong brother. The boys decide to settle their differences on the dance floor and each show off their best moves. Meanwhile, Bree gets to know her crush, but he gets to know her glitches.

Guest Stars: Angel Parker as Tasha and Will Forte as Eddy.

Disney XD description: When Adam tries to help Leo ask his crush to a dance, she takes a shine to Adam instead.

5 5 "Rats on a Train" Victor Gonzalez Ken Blankstein March 19, 2012 107
Rats on a Train

The Lab Rats get their first mission to stop Davenport's hi-tech super fast train from speeding out of control. Leo sneaks along, but when the Lab Rats discover he accidently discarded the braking system they were supposed to install, they must improvise a way to stop the train before it crashes into a nearby town. Meanwhile, Tasha is given her big break at the TV news station when her boss asks her to cover the runaway train.

Guest Stars: Angel Parker as Tasha and Will Forte as Eddy.

Disney XD description: The Lab Rats are tasked with their first mission when Davenport's high-tech locomotive becomes a runaway train.

6 6 "Exoskeleton vs. Grandma" Victor Gonzalez Ron Rappaport

April 6, 2012 (Disney Channel)

April 30, 2012 (Disney XD)


When Davenport's prized invention, a super strength and laser empowered exoskeleton suit, malfunctions, Leo takes it upon himself to fix it. However, it ends up unleashing destructive power on the household, making Leo's grandma even more suspicious of the family.

Note: This is the first Lab Rats episode to also have a release on Disney Channel.

Guest Stars: Angel Parker as Tasha, Will Forte as Eddy and Telma Hopkins as Rose Dooley

Disney XD description: Leo tries to help Davenport set up for his annual conference but instead ruins a prized invention.

7 7 "Smart and Smarter" Guy Distad Chris Peterson & Michael Moore April 23, 2012 110

When Chase refuses to admit that Adam has good ideas, Adam decides to run against him for 'Student of the Semester.' Meanwhile, Leo takes advantage of Bree's bionic super speed making her his personal taxi.

Guest Stars: Angel Parker as Tasha and Will Forte as Eddy.

Disney XD description: In an attempt to prove he's a model student, Chase installs machines to improve the school.

8 8 "Bionic Birthday Fail" Victor Gonzales Ron Rappaport May 7, 2012 111
Bionic Birthday Fail

When Adam, Bree and Chase forget to invite Leo to his surprise birthday party, they must make it up to him, so they take Leo into the ultra-cool virtual mission simulator and show him what it's like to have bionics.

Guest Stars: Angel Parker as Tasha and Will Forte as Eddy.

Disney XD description: Adam, Bree, and Chase forget to invite Leo to his birthday party.

9 9 "Death Spiral Smackdown" Sean McNamara Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein June 7, 2012 108
Death Spiral Smackdown

Leo teams up with Adam in the school fitness challenge 'Death Spiral Smackdown,' hoping that Adam's bionic powers will be his secret weapon. But the plan backfires when they end up going head-to-head in the finals. Meanwhile, Bree and Chase use their bionic abilities against one another

Guest Stars: Angel Parker as Tasha and Will Forte as Eddy.

Disney XD description: When Adam refuses to cheat by using his bionic abilities to win a contest, Leo tricks him into activating them.

10  10

Can I Borrow the Helicopter?

Victor Gonzalez Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein June 14, 2012 112
Can I Borrow The Helicopter

Leo borrows Davenport's helicopter to take Janelle on a daring date. Meanwhile, Bree decides to move out of the lab and into her own room. Tasha starts annoying Bree in her new room from vacuming to giving her fortunes. Chase keeps getting fed up with all the things Adam is bringing into the lab so he convinces Bree to move back into the lab.

Disney XD description: When Leo's crush comes over, he borrows Davenport's high-speed helicopter to impress her.

11 11

Back From the Future

Victor Gonzalez Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein June 21, 2012 116

Future Leo travels back in time to tell Leo, that Chase, Bree, and Adam won't make it to the future and that the only way to stop them is to not let them go to their ultra collider mission. Adam, Bree and Chase go anyway since the whole world is in their hands. After Leo goes after them and saves their life by pushing them aside when the dome collided, Adam digs up Leo ending up saving everyone of them. Leo misses his date with Janelle, and Future Leo ends up with a dog instead of Janelle.

Guest Stars: Tyler James Williams as Future Leo

Disney XD description: Davenport's time machine brings a future Leo to the present to prevent the kids from embarking on a deadly mission.

12 12

Chip Switch

Victor Gonzalez Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein June 28, 2012 119
Un cambio

The Rats switch their bionic chips after Leo mentions it. Adam has Bree's speed; Bree has Chase's intelligence; and Chase has Adam's strength. Ignoring Davenport's warning, they go to school and Chase, not used to heat vision, accidentally traps Leo and Principal Perry inside the elevator during a fire drill as part of Emergency Preparedness Week at the school after Bree complains about the noise the fire alarm bell makes. Chase is unable to do anything, so the Rats race home try to switch back their chips, but accidentally end up with Chase with Bree's speed, Bree with Adam's strength, and Adam with Chase's intelligence. Adam figures out that Bree can pull the elevator cables, lifting Leo and Principal Perry to safety. This works, but Davenport busts them, but is glad that they learn their lesson about chip switching. (In this episode Principal Perry's full name is revealed as Terry Cherry Perry.)

Disney XD description: Growing bored with their abilities, the Lab Rats swap bionic chips for the day.

13 13

Drone Alone

Victor Gonzalez Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein July 5, 2012 114

When Tasha and Davenport go on a vacation, it is up to Leo to make sure that nothing happens to his stepdad's prized possessions. Leo and the Lab Rats all promise to behave, but the second they're gone, Leo instantly heads to the lab and plays with a new gadget inadvertently causing Adam, Bree and Chase to glitch. However, their fun must come to an end when a Davenport Industries Solar Drone crashes through the window of the great room.

Disney XD description: With Leo's parents on vacation, things go awry when he plays with a new gadget that creates problems for the Lab Rats.

14 14 Chore Wars Sean McNamara Heather Flanders July 12, 2012 109

Adam, Bree and Chase learn about chores and earn allowance for the first time. In hopes of raising more money, the Lab Rats decide to host a yard sale but they accidentally sell an antique jewelry box that Davenport was restoring for Tasha. Meanwhile, Leo and Davenport bond over the latest 'Pig Zombie' movie. When Tasha finds out about her son disobeying her rule and lying to her and Davenport, she grounds Leo and forbids him to watch television for a week, but Tasha later lets Leo watch the 'Pig Zombie' movie marathon and she extends Leo's grounding to a month. Davenport finds out about the jewelry box's disappearance, he punishes Adam, Bree and Chase by making them do every filthy, disgusting chore in the house without their bionics for a month. 

Disney XD description: When Adam, Bree and Chase learn about chores and earning an allowance, they soon become obsessed with making money.

15 15 Dude, Where's My Lab? Victor Gonzalez Marcus Alexander Hart July 16, 2012 115[7] N/A
Dude Where's My Lab

Tasha takes the entire family on a nice 'tech free' beach weekend in the RV, but when Davenport discovers a solar flare headed in the Earth's direction, he secretly enlists the help of the Lab Rats. While Davenport distracts Tasha, the trio is forced to wait in the RV-turned portable lab for their rocket launch window. Cooped up inside during their first summer vacation, Leo and the gang sneak out for a quick jaunt on the boardwalk but when they return the RV is gone. 

Disney XD description: Tasha takes the kids on a beach outing, but there's a catch: They're forbidden to use technology.

16 16 Air Leo[19] Guy Distad Heather Flanders October 8, 2012 0.6[20]
Air leo

When Leo wants to impress Janelle by beating school bully Trent in basketball, Chase lends him Mr.Davenports anti-gravaty boots. But when Trent steals the shoes, can Leo still win the game? Meanwhile Bree and Adam compete for a spot on the cheer leading squad. Adam wins, but when Stephanie makes fun of Bree, Adam quits, and him and Bree make their own cheer and ashame Stephanie and the cheerleaders out of the court.

Guest star: Madison Pettis as Janelle

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport 

Disney XD description: To combat Trent's bullying, Leo signs up for a one-on-one basketball game against his rival.

17 17 Night of the Living Virus Victor Gonzalez Mark Brazill October 15, 2012 0.6[22]
Living virus

Leo desperately wants do be Davenport's lab assistant, but he accidentally corrupts the smart-home system, turning Eddy into an evil demonic virus named Teddy. Meanwhile, Bree holds a sleepover with her friends, unaware that they only wanted to come because of the house she lives in, while Adam and Chase try to pull a prank on the girls. 

Disney XD description: While working in Davenport's lab, Leo accidentally unleashes an evil Internet virus.

18 18 Mission Invisible Victor Gonzalez Carla Banks Waddles October 22, 2012 0.6[24]

After using their bionics to save Leo from a falling air conditioning unit, a suspicious Principal Perry catches Adam, Bree and Chase on video using their bionics, but luckily hasn't viewed the hard drive yet. In order to stop her from showing Davenport and Tasha the film on Parent-Teacher night (and risk Davenport pulling them out of school for using their bionics) Leo uses Davenport's invisibility cloak to sneak into her office. But after Leo gets caught, the Lab Rats must think of a new plan.

Guest star: Maile Flanagan as Principal Perry 

Disney XD description: When the kids are caught using bionics on camera, they must recover the evidence before anybody sees it.

19 19 Concert in a Can Victor Gonzalez Mark Brazill October 29, 2012 0.6[26]

Adam and Chase befriend new kid Marcus from school. They form a band but when Leo gets suspicious he joins the band only to get blamed for breaking Marcus's guitar. Meanwhile, Bree plans to bond with Mr. Davenport on Career Day, but gets upset when she finds out Davenport had been planning something with the boys. Leo brings along a tablet with Eddy's home system recording installed on it, showing that he did not break Marcus's guitar, but before he shows everyone Marcus confesses and finally tells everyone the truth. After a pretend breakdown, he then tells Leo to never tell on him again or else.

Guest star: Mateus Ward as Marcus 

Disney XD description: The Lab Rats befriend a new kid at school, but Leo quickly realizes that there's something strange about him.

20 20 Mission: Space Victor Gonzalez Chris Peterson & Bryan Moore November 5, 2012 0.8[27]

Leo, Adam, Bree, and Chase are at school where Marcus asked them if he could stay at their house for the weekend because his dad is out of town and he doesn't want to stay with his not-dead grandma. They let him come in. Then it is revealed Chase and the others have secret abilities (Chase is being able to move objects with his mind), but when they confront Davenport, they find out that he doesn't know the type of ability they will have or the time it will come. Marcus comes to their house, but unfortunately, they have to go to space because Davenport's satellite was about to get hit by a meteor shower and the breach got locked. They get there and fix the breach but Adam accidentally (with his heat vision) breaks his security rope. All goes fine except Marcus found out about the lab's security camera tablet. At the end of the episode Marcus is shown in a place where he notifies a mysterious man who is probably Davenport's enemy about the infiltration in Davenport's lab that he just did.

Guest starMateus Ward as Marcus 

Disney XD description: Chase accidentally discovers that he has a hidden ability: molecularkinesis (telekinesis)

Season 2: 2013

Leo and his bionic super-siblings are taking on their biggest challenge yet…being normal! Are Leo’s suspicions about Marcus having evil motives true? Will Adam, Bree and Chase be able to escape from Principal Perry’s watchful eye when they are stuck in detention? And what will Davenport do when the Lab Rats, frustrated at having to constantly train and not being able to do normal teenage things, go on strike?!

-iTunes Description, Vol. 3


Season 2 Poster

No. in


No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original U.S. air date Prod.


U.S. viewers


21 1 "Speed Trapped"[29] Victor Gonzalez Chris Peterson & Bryan Moore February 25, 2013 1.0[30]

Speed trapped 2
Adam, Bree, and Chase sneak out in Davenport’s new self-driving sports car. When Leo tries to stop them, his nemesis Marcus traps him inside the car and programs it to take him on a wild, high-speed ride bound for the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. In the end Marcus reveals to Leo he is bionic like Adam, Bree and Chase, and that if Leo tells any one, Marcus will tell the world about the Rats' secret, thus ending with them going away to a facility and Mr. Davenport ending up in The Big House.

Guest Starring: Mateus Ward as Marcus

Note: This is the second time Davenport has a hydrogen car.

Disney XD description: When the Lab Rats take Davenport's self-driving car for a spin, Leo becomes trapped inside!

22 2 "Spy Fly"[31] Guy Distad Ken Blankstein March 4, 2013 0.7[32]

Spy fly
Leo uses a robotic fly to spy on Adam, Bree and Chase, but he goes to far when he uses it to cheat off Bree's test. When Bree scolds Leo for copying, Principal Perry gives her an F for talking during a test. But when Principal Perry finds and keeps Leo's robotic fly, he accidentally releases a swarm of them which all paralyze the students, but the only way Bree will help is if Leo confesses he cheated. In the end Leo confessed and Bree created a tornado with her speed to capture the flies in the container. Meanwhile Adam and Chase must take care of dolls (which if you hurt you lose a point) for a class, but it ends up in a battle between them with them hurting each other's babies in various ways.

AbsentHal Sparks as Donald Davenport 

Disney XD description: After failing to study for a test, Leo tries to cheat off Bree using Davenport's "Spy Fly" device.

23 3 "Missin' the Mission"[33] Victor Gonzalez Hayes Jackson March 11, 2013 0.4[34]
Missin the mission

Leo wants to be a part of the team, but Davenport won't let him. When Davenport discovers a gas leak, he calls Adam, Bree and Chase, but they're stuck in detention with Principal Perry from missing school on their other missions. Leo goes instead, much to Davenport's dismay. Leo soon proves to be worthy when he saves the day. In the end Leo is officially a member of the team as someone who watches over the mission and gives ideas/advice. Meanwhile Davenport gives Eddy a body. 

Disney XD description: Feeling like the least "exciting" person in the house, Leo takes on a challenge to prove his worth.

24 4 "Quarantined"[35] Victor Gonzalez Marcus Alexander Hart March 18, 2013 0.6[36]

While going on a mission to receive samples to bust criminals, Bree is exposed to some of the chemicals she is collecting when she isn't paying attention. Davenport, Adam, and Chase try to figure out what's wrong with her and how to undo it. Leo tries to make sure Bree doesn't reveal her bionics when she sneaks out to see her crush's art. At the art show, the side effects of the chemical Bree was exposed to manifest.

Note: Bree seems to have broken up with Ethan, as she is now interested in Owen. 

Disney XD description: When the Rats return from a mission, Davenport discovers that Bree was exposed to a toxic chemical.

25 5 "Robot Fight Club"[37] Sean Lambert Hayes Jackson March 25, 2013 0.6[38]
L LabRats S2 E30

Chase and Leo decide to enter a build-your-own-bot Robot Throwdown, when Davenport wants to join their team, they agree, but kick him off when he wrecks their robot. He then enters the competition himself, going head to head against Chase and Leo. Meanwhile, Bree accidentally exposes her bionics to Caitlin, who then leaves in a fluster. Caitlin confesses she has a crush on Adam and he becomes her boyfriend so that he can convince her she didn't see anything. When Caitlin and Adam are on their date Caitlin confesses she wears glasses so she didn't see anything. Adam, who doesn't like Caitlin gets mad, his anger activates his bionics and Bree tackles Caitlin to the ground both to protect her and to stop her from seeing Adam's heat vision. Later, Adam finally gets Caitlin off his back by showing her who her true crush is - Chase. However, her "true crush" doesn't really want to cooperate. 

Disney XD description: Chase and Leo enter a robot battling competition where they hope to defeat the returning champion.

26 6 "Bro Down"[39] Victor Gonzalez Mark Brazill April 1, 2013 0.9[40]
Bree hidden ability

Chase pulls a prank on Adam, ending with Adam dislocating his arm, and Adam then gets worried because the world is so dangerous. He quits the team because he doesn't want to get hurt. Chase and Bree realize they can't do it alone, so Chase and Davenport come up with a plan to get Adam back on the team, but things go wrong. Meanwhile, Bree discovers her secret ability, and gets grounded for using it to make fun of Principal Perry. Leo later gets grounded. 

Disney XD description: Chase outsmarts Adam with a prank that hurts not only his aura of invincibility but his confidence.

27 7 "The Rats Strike Back"[41] Victor Gonzalez Julia Miranda April 8, 2013 0.5[42]
Strike lab rats

Leo, Bree, Adam, and Chase go on strike due to Davenport's unfair treatment. When he needs them for a special presentation, he must admit that he is wrong, or risk his entire career. But instead he gets Leo to be his pilot for the presentation. But little did Leo know Davenport is using him to get the lab rats to cave. In the end Davenport's presentation is blown and Adam, Bree, and Chase forgive Leo for going with Davenport. 

Disney XD description: The Lab Rats confide in Leo their frustrations about not being able to do normal teenage things.

28 8 "Parallel Universe"[43] Guy Distad Ron Rappaport June 17, 2013 0.74[44]

Lab rats
During movie time, one of Davenports inventions accidentally sucks Leo into a parallel universe. Where the Lab Rats are powerless and Leo's the one with bionics and everyone's thing is backwards Principal Perry is nice, Adam is a nerd, Chase is a Jock, and Bree is popular. The Lab Rats don't know Leo. And Leo accidentally exposes his bionics to the Lab Rats which freaks them out. They then tell the F.B.I., who come for Leo. He and Davenport have to get Leo back to his universe before Leo ends up in government lockdown.

Note: Leo's abilities include all of Adam, Bree, and Chase's abilities, plus the ability to make lightening from his fingers by harnessing the static electricity around him, and geoleaping (going from one place to another just by thinking about it). The lab rats could possibly gain these powers in the future. 

Disney XD description: Leo is inadvertently sucked into Davenport's new invention and transported to a parallel universe!

29 9 "Spike's Got Talent"[45] Guy Distad Julia Miranda June 24, 2013 0.8[46]

When Chase is not pictured on the yearbook, he enters a talent show to show everyone he's popular by using his bionics to move a chair with his mind. But Leo messes with Chase's bionics to get back at him for taking Leo's spot. Chase gets mad so he goes into commando app mode. When Leo tries to interfere, he causes Spike's aggression levels to soar. Principal Perry then takes Spike down, reverting him to Chase. Meanwhile, Adam and Owen try to use butter as art.

Absent: Hal Sparks as Davenport 

Disney XD description: Convinced that his new "magic" skill will boost his rep, Leo signs himself up for a talent show.

30 10 "Leo vs Evil"[47] Victor Gonzalez Ron Rappaport June 24, 2013 0.6[48]

Leo is trapped by Marcus at school, but escapes and follows Marcus to his house. He gets photographic evidence but is captured by Marcus with a robot. Leo escapes by outthinking Marcus with a move Chase used to beat Adam at arm wrestling. When Leo tries to bust Marcus, his phone is destroyed. Marcus' house appears normal except for a camera that Davenport suspiciously notices but doesn't mention. Marcus' dad reveals himself and says that Marcus has failed him and he will take care of Leo, Adam, Bree, Chase, and Davenport. Meanwhile, the Lab Rats teleport Tasha to Fresno, and must fix the teleporter to bring her back.

Guest Starring: Mateus Ward as Marcus and Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport

Disney XD description: Leo follows Marcus to a secret lair where he overhears Marcus talk to an unseen mastermind.

31 11 "Hole In One"[49] Victor Gonzalez Sib Ventress July 1, 2013 0.7[50]

When Davenport shows Leo and the Lab Rats his One Million Dollar painting they don't approve of it. While Davenport goes to work Leo and the Rats put the painting in Davenports art vault. Which has a bunch of paintings of Davenport. While Adam sneezes at the painting it triggers his heat vison and it burns a hole into the painting. The kids then try to cover it up by painting a new painting that looks exactly like the original. All does not go according to plan when the FBI shows up and accuse Davenport of forging art.

Note: This is the first episode to reveal that there are floors above the lab. 

Disney XD description: The Lab Rats inadvertently ruin Davenports new $15 million painting!

32 12 "Trucked Out"[51] Victor Gonzalez Hayes Jackson July 8, 2013 0.7[52]

Adam gets his driver's license. Davenport takes Adam to get a car, but Davenport has to leave early and Adam gets a monster truck instead of the intended car. Davenport is about to take back the truck, but him and Adam decide to keep it and take a joyride. Meanwhile Leo is bragging he was invited to a party, but when Tasha runs for PTA president and embarrasses him, he worries he will be uninvited, so Bree uses her voice manipulation powers to make Tasha seem like she is making fun of Principal Perry, and Perry then decides to run against Tasha. In the end Perry wins the vote when Adam and Davenport crash the Monster Truck into the school.

Disney XD description: When Adam gets his driver's license, Davenport sets out to buy him a new, safe vehicle.

33 13 "The Bionic 500"[53] Victor Gonzalez Julia Miranda July 22, 2013 0.6[54]

Davenport's has grown tired of his obnoxious neighbor and decides to end their feud with a stock car race. But he quickly finds out that he'll need the help of the Lab Rats and Leo when his neighbor enlists the help of Joey Logano to win the race.

Note: Leo and Clayton's bet (getting the corner locker) was never directly stated in the show. Them making this bet was probably a deleted scene. Only Davenport and Pierce's bet was directly stated. 

Disney XD description: Davenport and his new obnoxious neighbor agree to settle their differences with a stock car race.

34-35 14-15 "Bionic Showdown" Victor Gonzalez Chris Peterson & Bryan Moore August 5, 2013 1.4[2]

After Davenport seems to only point out what they do wrong, the Lab Rats begin to get annoyed at Davenport. Meanwhile, Marcus hacks into Eddy and he and his dad, Donald's brother Douglas capture Donald. Marcus and his dad show Donald trapped and try to lure them to their lair. Leo reveals that Marcus is also bionic with all their powers combined, and that he wanted to tell, but Marcus threatened to go to the authorities about Adam, Bree, and Chase. They go to Marcus's secret house in their new mission suits. Adam and Bree are easily defeated by Marcus, but Chase uses a new ability, levitation, to "beat" Marcus. Douglas transports them into Donald's cage, and reveals that he is their father. Douglas used to work with Donald, but got kicked out of the company for evil ideas. Douglas then built Marcus, an android who is dying fast. Leo arrives to rescue the gang with Eddy in watch form in tow, after learning everything along the way with the Lab Rats via video. Marcus comes outside and electrocutes Leo, but Leo survives by wearing a protection vest. Meanwhile, the Lab Rats ask Donald what happened and they manage to deflect the laser beam cage. However, Douglas reveals that he put a triton app on their chips and will control them as soon as he decodes Donald's block. Donald and Douglas fight for the triton app remote, and Donald ends up crushing it. Adam, Bree, and Chase take on Marcus, but equally matched. Leo arrives in the exoskeleton, but Marcus easily defeats him, and just as Marcus is about to finally kill Leo, Adam gets angry and reveals a bionic ability, a bionic energy blast, that knocks out Donald, Douglas, Marcus, and Leo. Douglas escapes, and Donald tries to get them all out. Marcus gets back up, angry, but the lair collapses on him, killing him. Leo, Adam, Bree, Chase, and Donald escape back home, and Marcus' robotic hand rises from the rubble, but effectively shuts down, thus confirming his death. The Lab Rats say that Donald is their real father, and Donald says that he's proud of each and every one of them. When Donald tries to set Eddy's alarm on the house, Leo remembers that he left Eddy in watch form outside Marcus' house.

Guest Starring: Mateus Ward as Marcus and Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport

Disney XD description - part 1: With Douglas now revealed as Marcus' master, the two infiltrate Davenport's lab and kidnaps him.

Disney XD description - part 2: Now alone, except for Eddy, Leo must figure out how to rescue Davenport and the Lab Rats.

36 16 "Memory Wipe" Victor Gonzalez Ron Rappaport August 19, 2013 0.5[57]

After Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo get caught and grounded for 3 weeks for coming home two hours past curfew, Leo uses Davenport's memory erasing device to wipe Davenport's short term memory but accidentally erases 24 years instead of 24 hours, rendering him a teenager and wipe Davenport's memory again to 24 years as a four-and-a-half-year old. When Davenport discovers that Leo, Adam, Bree and Chase are using his memory erasing device after he returns to normal, he grounds Leo, Adam, Bree and Chase "forever". 

Disney XD description: Leo uses a memory erase device on Davenport and accidentally erases 25 years rendering him a teenager.

37 17 "Avalanche!" Victor Gonzalez Mark Brazill September 16, 2013

Chase and Douglas
Adam and Bree are always saying that super speed and super strength make a good team, so Chase tries to prove to them and Davenport that super smarts can be good on its own. Davenport arranged for Adam, Bree, and Chase to go on a mission in Antarctica, but called it off because he thought that it was going to be too dangerous. Chase goes anyways, proving to Adam and Bree that he can complete a mission himself and ends up getting stuck. Adam and Bree go to rescue Chase, but before they do, Douglas rescues Chase and tells Chase to join him, and he will give him super speed and strength. Chase agrees, and he and Douglas go to Davenport's lab, but Chase then later reveals that he was tricking Douglas and that he would never turn his back on his family. Meanwhile, Leo asks Janelle over for a study date, but ends up accidentally freezing her and Tasha with Davenport's freeze ray. So he goes to Mr. Davenport for help but runs into a fight with Douglas. After Douglas tries to mend their problems but they deny it, Douglas takes out a blaster but Chase grabs the freeze ray and freezes him solid.

Guest StarringMadison Pettis as Janelle and Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport. Disney XD description: Chase heads to the arctic to retrieve rare minerals but soon finds himself trapped in an avalanche.

38 18 "Adam Up[58]" Victor Gonzalez Greg Schaffer September 23, 2013

When Adam, Bree, and Chase are completing their training, Adam gets bored of training and wants to have fun. Chase tells Adam that he must finish his training. Leo tells Adam that if he could be in two places at once, then his duplicate can do his training for him. Adam then wishes he could duplicate himself so Eddy shows Adam and Leo the cellular duplicator. Adam makes a duplicate of himself and makes his duplicate go to school for him. But when Adam's duplicate finds out that Adam doesn't have to go to school, the duplicate duplicates himself, and so on. Then there are many duplicates of Adam roaming around the house. Meanwhile, Bree and Chase are told by Principal Perry to show her niece, Carrie around the school. Carrie behaves like an angel around Principal Perry but around Bree and Chase she is rude, and tells Bree and Chase to do her homework for her and pretend like they were watching over her while she ditched the classes. Then Principal Perry tells Bree and Chase to watch Carrie again, this time at their house. Carrie leaves and tells Bree and Chase to pretend like she was there the whole time. Meanwhile Adam and Leo are having a hard time getting rid of Adam's duplicates, so they turn to Chase for advice and he uses a zapper to zap the duplicates in order for them to leave. Principal Perry comes back to their house to pick up Carrie when there are many duplicates of Adam, and Chase zappes them all away, but there is one more duplicate left, and they try to make sure that Principal Perry doesn't see him, then they zap him. In the end they find out that one of Adam's duplicates got away and is working at a pizza delivery place.

AbsentHal Sparks as Donald Davenport 

Disney XD description: To get out of training duties, Adam and Leo use Davenport's cloning device to create another Adam.

39 19

"Llama Drama"[3]

Guy Distad Ken Blankstein September 30, 2013

Tumblr mtyn2smiJ61rwlmfro8 500
When the school mascot’s Dingo costume is stolen by the rival team, Adam seeks revenge by taking their mascot, a llama. When Chase and Adam try to return the llama they discover that the animal has swallowed hundreds of Davenport’s mechanical nanobots causing it to shoot acidic bionic spit. Meanwhile Bree and Leo compete against Caitlyn in The Domino War.

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport 

Disney XD description: The big game is approaching and Chase is assigned to guard the mascots dingo costume.

40 20

"The Haunting of Mission Creek High"[4]

Jody Margolin Hahn Ken Blankstein October 14, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 18.14.30
After Principal Perry tells everyone a ghost story, Adam, Chase and Leo decide to take advantage of Trent's fear of ghost for a little revenge. However, they soon start to believe that the ghost is real. Meanwhile, Bree and Owen have different opinions on how to decorate the gym for the Homecoming dance. In the end it turns out to be Perry behind the whole thing.

Note: This episode did not have Marcus in it like rumored. He wasn't in this episode because he died in Bionic Showdown.

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport  Disney XD description: Trent the bully is tormenting Leo again and he has had enough!

41 21 "Perry 2.0"[5] David DeLuise Julia Miranda November 11, 2013

RAT 215 PERRY20 EPISODE 73d94d2f-e17b-429b-b1c9-6be6e1271234 10003436 220x124
Mission Creek High is too old of a school, since the equipment is too old, and the textbooks seem to date back to the 1700s-1800s. Leo and Chase decide to do something to update the schools system, which leads to Mr. Davenport to want to help. They first say no, that his ego would get in the way. They eventually gave in. The school is updated with everything being electronic, and it's great for everyone, until Mr. Davenport made a robotic version of Principal Perry, because he wanted a wing with his name on it in the school. Everyone begins to hate Leo and Chase, which leads to them reprogramming Robo Perry before the school board sees it. Meanwhile, Adam and Bree try to prove that the new foreign exchange student, Allister, is a bionic spy, because Marcus was the new kid, and he turned out to be a bionic spy. They end up freaking him out and accidentally hurting him. The final straw comes when Adam accidentally picks up a whole shelf of weights. Since Chase and Leo tampered with Robo Perry, she reset to the original military use: search and destroy. She is attacking everyone on the school board and Principal Perry, which almost leads to Adam, Bree, and Chase revealing their bionics due to Davenport's orders, but before they can, Perry tackles Robo Perry, and rips her head off, so their secret is safe. In the end, it turns out Allister is not a bionic spy (due to evidence that made Adam and Bree think so, such as him being able to do different accents perfectly like Bree's vocal manipulation, and catches things with perfect reflexes, and uses terms that sound like he's an android), and all of the dodge balls Adam threw at him made him lose his memory of anything after dodge ball. Allister then shows Adam and Bree his dodge ball team made of exchange students. They throw balls at Adam and Bree and walk off.

Disney XD description: Perry gets Davenport to create a robotic version of herself that will help patrol the students.

42 22 "My Little Brother[6] Victor Gonzalez Jason Dorris November 18, 2013

When Chase inadvertently causes Adam to shrink down to two inches, it's all fun and games until Adam ends up on Principal Perry's lunch tray. Meanwhile, Bree gets control of the school for a day.

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport 

Disney XD description: Chase inadvertently shrinks Adam down to two inches!

43 23 "Prank You Very Much"[7] Victor Gonzalez Ken Blankstein November 25, 2013

Chase and Adam drenched in expired milk
Adam and Chase are always pulling pranks on each other, to which Bree keeps getting caught in the cross fire. The final straw comes when Adam meant to dump 50 gallons of expired milk in Chase's capsule, and accidentally calibrates it for Bree's. Davenport tells her to prank them back. She tries, but ends up getting caught in her own prank by Chase tricking her. Davenport tries to help her, only for Leo's Grandma to be caught in the crossfire. Donald then becomes her assistant. To get out of it, he makes her a scooter to ride around in. When the boys try to prank Bree, Tasha becomes the victim of the boy's prank. Tasha and Bree prank them the next day, to which it works. They offer them cookies, which has different things in it, not made with real cookie ingredients. They pick up their controllers which have glue on them. The controllers and the boys fly up when the giant magnet was activated. They demand Tasha and Bree let them down, to which Bree agrees, only to find that she let's them down into Adam's chunky milk and Expired meat. Meanwhile, Leo and Janelle keep trying to spend time together, only for Leo's grandma, Rose, to keep coming to keep Leo away from Janelle, most likely do to jealousy. Rose doesn't like Janelle, and does things like insult her, and go through her phone. When Rose gets hurt, Leo takes this as a great sign for him and Janelle to spend time together. Things quickly go back to bad when Rose gets the scooter. While Janelle distracts Rose, Leo programs the scooter's GPS for "home", allowing him and Janelle to spend time together. When Leo gets home, Donald asks where Rose is, and Leo says she should be home. They find out it was accidentally calibrated for Mission Creek, Illinois instead of California. Rose is shown on the highway in front of a truck. In the end, Leo and Donald wheel Rose in with a wheelchair, only for her to get caught in the giant magnet that Adam was playing with, and what Bree and Tasha pranked Chase and Adam with.

Guest stars: Madison Pettis as Janelle; Telma Hopkins as Grandma Rose

Note: It strongly suggests Janelle and Leo are dating in this episode, as Leo calls her his "special lady" and they keep spending time together. <p style="margin-top:0.4em;margin-bottom:0.5em;line-height:1.5em;"> Note 2: If Leo and Janelle are dating, this means that the future is most likely set back to it's original way, where future Leo and Janelle are dating, as Future Leo said in back to the future. Future Leo told Present Leo "You better fix this. I'm not walking down the aisle with that! (A dog).</p> <p style="margin-top:0.4em;margin-bottom:0.5em;line-height:1.5em;">Note 3: This was shown as a special "Pranksgiving" advanced episode on OnDemand and the WATCHDisneyXD app. </p> Disney XD description: Bree is tired of being the target of the boys pranks and partners with Davenport for payback.

44 24 "Twas The Mission Before Christmas[8] December 2, 2013
<p style="line-height:1.5em;">
131609 4091

Adam, Bree and Chase go on a mission to save Dr. Evans on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, Principal Perry stays in Davenport's mansion. After Dr. Evans tells Adam to make some fire, a large explosion bursts out but they are saved. Perry's cats may have ruined Christmas but Perry herself made a good dinner which saved their Christmas. A sphere/ball cracks which causes Adam to use his incredible heat vision. While still decorating the house Adam tries to make sure that Santa comes to their house first because lights show that they are an uncontrollable fan of Christmas as seen as it starts. In the "dangerous" part, Chase needs to use his force field in order to keep them safe. Perry makes them a little miserable on Christmas Eve and the day following, so she stays for one night to another.</p>

<p style="line-height:1.5em;">Disney XD description: It's Christmas Eve and the Lab Rats have to go on a rescue mission in Davenport's secret facility in the frozen tundra.</p>

45 25 "Trent Gets Schooled" Victor Gonzales
January 6, 2014
<p style="line-height:1.5em;">

Chase and Leo have to help Trent pass his physics test so that he can pass and graduate Mission Creek High!</p>

Disney XD description: When Trent demands that Leo and Chase help him study for an important science test, they use the opportunity as payback for his years of bullying.

46 26 "No Going Back" Victor Gonzales Chris Peterson & Bryan More January 13, 2014
<p style="line-height:1.5em;">

Davenport realizes that a hacker has hacked his bank account and is trying to destroy Davenport Industries while Adam, Bree, and Chase expose their bionic secret.</p>

<p style="line-height:1.5em;">Note: The episode ended with a cliffhanger.</p>

Disney XD description: Davenport is under attack by a hacker that has not only left Davenport Industries in ruins, but has stolen his entire fortune.

Season 3: 2014

With their lab destroyed and bionics revealed, these Lab Rats are on the run…but you haven’t seen the last of them! Davenport tries to raise money for a new lab by attempting a death-defying stunt, Principal Perry pesters the Lab Rats to take her on a mission and Bree and Chase get part-time jobs at a cool tech store. And what will happen when the Lab Rats are corrupted and sent on a mission to destroy Leo and the Davenports!

-iTunes Description, Vol. 5


Season 3 Poster

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
47-48 1-2 "Sink or Swim" February 17, 2014 301/302

On the run and stowing away on a cargo ship, the Lab Rats are forced to choose to either keep quiet or help a submarine that is in danger, and risk being caught. But Donald's evil brother steals Adam, Bree and Chase off the ship, from a helicopter. They learned that the lab exploded. While at Douglas's caged area, they are stuck in a ring and Chase uses two bionic abilities at once and gets them out. But, Douglas uses the Triton App once the Lab Rats get home! Leo calms down Chase while Chase calms down Adam and Bree with his Override App and force field. Douglas's plan failed and that caused him to go against a friend named Victor Krane and his plan is to destroy Adam, Bree and Chase. In the end, they see the lab destroyed after the detonator destroyed it.

Note: This episode is a one-hour special. Eddy was indeed destroyed in the explosion. The episode ended with a cliffhanger.

Note 2: This episode was split into two parts on March 25, 2014.

Disney XD description: The Lab Rats are on the run and end up as stowaways on a cargo freighter, while the rest of the family has to deal with a destroyed lab and eviction!

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
49 3 "The Jet-Wing" February 24, 2014 303

Donald has to gain money to recreate the lab. Leo asks Donald to start up a stunt just like the guy who walked on the tight rope. They plan a jet wing stunt. At school, Perry asks Adam, Bree, and Chase to be her bionic servants and Perry thinks Adam, Bree and Chase are machines. Adam, Bree and Chase use their bionics too much and start glitching. Leo finds a sponsor so that Donald can do his jet wing stunt. Leo brings Donald into the air and Donald gets scared. Donald needs the rest of the lab rats team to go rescue him. Leo goes to Perry and tells her that Donald needs Adam, Bree, and Chase or he's a goner. Donald thinks he is going to die, when Adam, Bree and Chase save him and Donald gets his money.

Note: This is the third episode having the lab destroyed. (End of the episode No Going Back and Sink or Swim)

Disney XD Description: Davenport tries to raise money for a new lab by attempting a death-defying stunt where he flies over Mission Creek on rocket-propelled wings!

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
50 4

"Mission: Mission Creek High"

March 3, 2014 304

Donald shows Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo his new lab. The lab rats go to school and reveal to Principal Perry that they go on missions with their bionics. Perry daydreams about going on missions. Perry pesters the lab rats to take her on a mission. When they get home, Adam, Bree and Chase show Perry their lab. Perry is new to the lab and accidentally fires a rocket heading straight to Mission Creek High School! Janelle tells Leo that his stepfather's inventions keep failing her. Later, she realizes that Leo is giving her bad luck. Right when the rocket reaches Mission Creek High School, Perry's new car gets launched right at the rocket. Perry gets extremely frustrated. Janelle realizes that Leo really isn't bad luck and that it was just a big misunderstanding.

Disney XD description: Now that Principal Perry knows the Lab Rats' bionic secret she pesters the team to take her on a mission

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
51 5 "Zip It" March 10, 2014 305
Screenshot 2014-03-04-17-25-19

At Mission Creek High School, Caitlin asks Bree to work at Tech Town. Bree goes there as a worker. And then Chase starts working and that makes Bree mad because she wants to be where her two brothers aren't. Adam, Leo, and Davenport go on the zipline. Then, Bree messes the place up to get Chase fired. Then, she regrets it and cleans it back up for Scott to look at an extremely cool store.

Note: This is the first episode that shows Tech Town.

Disney XD description: Bree loves her new part-time job and relishes having something that doesn't involve Davenport, her brothers, or bionics.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
52 6 "Not So Smart Phone" March 24, 2014 306

After getting the ePhone 7, Leo captures a bionic bowling video. Chase then loses the phone and if anyone touches it, it'll reveal their bionic secret. While Bree and Leo help Perry spend her hush money, Chase finds out that the phone is at Tech Town. After they figure out where the phone is, it gets sold as a sample so Caitlin grabs the phone and destroys it and she gets fired.

Disney XD description: Leo records Adam and Chase doing cool bionic stunts in the lab.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
53 7 "Scramble the Orbs" April 7, 2014 307
Scramble the Orbs Image

Leo creates his first invention, orbs. They attack any foe. When they can't differentiate friend vs foe, it causes problems everywhere he goes. Chase steals Eddy and turns him into Cheddy and it causes problems when people buy and download the app. Chase has to beat Scott but Donald gets mad when he finds out what Chase has done and Donald tells Chase that now, everyone wants their money back. It's embarrasing for Chase to tell Scott he didn't create the app so Bree does it for him.

Note: This episode is the first episode where Leo creates an invention.

Disney XD description: Leo has come up with his first piece of high-end Davenport-esque technology, a pair of defense orbs meant to protect the Rats on missions.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
54 8 "Principal From Another Planet" April 14, 2014 316
Show Me the Moonday Lab Rats

The Lab Rats watch a lunar eclipse. Principal Perry tells everybody in the house about aliens and Principal Perry is taken over by an alien. Note: This episode was added to Watch Disney XD on April 7, 2014 for verified users to watch before it aired on TV. This was also available for people who's TV Providers have Disney XD On Demand / Kids On Demand for people to watch before it officially aired on Disney XD.

Disney XD description: Leo is determined to capture the bizarre events he believes take place during a lunar eclipse with his video camera.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
55 9 "Taken" April 21, 2014 308

Taken Image 2

Krane has given himself more bionics and Davenport must stop him before he can use his powers!

Disney XD description: Leo and Tasha are kidnapped by Krane and Davenport sets off on a rescue mission.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
56 10 "Three Minus Bree" June 30, 2014 [9] 309

Disney XD Description: When Bree is accepted for a high school semester abroad program and Davenport won't let her go, she destroys her chip forsaking her bionic abilities. [10]

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
57 11 "Which Father Knows Best" July 7, 2014 310
Douglas and bree

Disney XD Description: Davenport's attempts at rebuilding Bree's bionic chip fail, forcing Leo to go behind his back and ask Douglas for help.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
58 12 "Cyborg Shark Attack" July 18, 2014 313
Cyborg Shark Attack

Disney XD Description: After Leo sees a shark movie that terrifies him, Adam and Chase scare him by repurposing a Davenport Industries cyborg shark. However, the shark's artificial intelligence goes rogue, and Chase, Adam, Leo and Janelle find themselves trapped in the house.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
59-60 13-14 "You Posted What?!?" July 28, 2014 314/315
You Posted What

Disney XD Description: Adam, Bree and Chase are caught on video using their bionics and the video goes viral, revealing their secret to the world. Government agents swarm the house and place Davenport and the Lab Rats on lockdown.

Note: This episode was added to Watch Disney XD on July 20th, 2014 for verified users to watch before it aired on TV. It was later added onto Disney XD On Demand on July 21, 2014 at 3PM.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
61 15 "Armed and Dangerous" September 29, 2014 318
Armed and Dangerous LR IMAGE

Disney XD Description: Leo can’t resist showing off his new bionic arm in front of Janelle, but it quickly goes out of control. Agent Graham promotes the kids as bionic celebrities, but when they miss a mission, they decide it’s time to get Davenport back as their leader.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
62 16 "Alien Gladiators" October 13, 2014 311

Disney XD Description: Leo and Davenport attend fan convention and face off in an epic fire staff battle. Meanwhile, Adam, Bree, and Chase attend the convention dressed like their favorite "Alien Gladiators" characters in search of the movie’s star. However, things take a turn for the worst when the gang lands in a security holding area with a costumed fan boy.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
63 17 "Brother Battle" October 20, 2014 312
What is that chase

Disney XD Description: Douglas unlocks new abilities for Adam and Chase that escalate their battle of one-upmanship and disrupt the balance of power on the team.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
64 18 "Spike Fright" October 24, 2014 319

Disney XD Description: Leo and Bree suspect that Principal Perry has murdered a cook from the cafeteria. Terrified, they report their suspicions to Mr. Davenport and ask him for help. Meanwhile, Chase is attracted to a girl, Sabrina, who wants to go out with him, making Adam jealous.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
65 19 "Face Off" November 10, 2014 317

Disney XD Description: Bree attempts to play a prank on Adam but it goes awry right before her big date for the school’s winter dance. 

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
66 20 "Merry Glitchmas" November 1, 2015 320
Merry Glitchmas

Disney XD Description: When Adam, Bree and Chase discover that their new action figures are being outsold by another toy, they attempt to improve their toys by adding special features - bionic abilities. 

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
67-68 21-22 "Rise of the Secret Soldiers" January 26, 2015 321/322
Rise of the secret soldiers poster

Disney XD Description: As Adam, Bree and Chase become celebrities, fame begins to tear them apart. The friction among the group becomes evident when a reality show follows them on a mission and things go awry. However, they must put aside their differences to stop Krane from his evil plan of taking over the planet.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
69 23 "Bionic House Party" February 2, 2015 323
Screenshot (94)

Disney XD Description: Davenport lays in critical condition after a battle. In an attempt to save him, Leo risks his life to perform a dangerous bionic process. Meanwhile, after being deactivated from the Triton App, Krane’s former bionic soldiers have nowhere to go and follow Adam home.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
70 24 "First Day of Bionic Academy" February 3, 2015 324

Disney XD Description: To his dismay, Leo finds out that he will be a student at the Bionic Academy, not a mentor like Adam, Bree and Chase. Chase engages in a battle against a former nemesis and Adam mentors a younger student.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
71 25 "Adam Steps Up" February 4, 2015 325
Screenshot (95)

Disney XD Description: Davenport leaves Adam, Bree, and Chase in charge of the Bionic Academy while he celebrates his anniversary. Leo invites Janelle to the island, but gets distracted by his nemesis.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
72 26 "Unauthorized Mission" February 5, 2015 326

Disney XD Description: When Leo is chosen for a mission over Spin, Spin recruits Bob to join him on an unauthorized mission to prove themselves. Meanwhile, Sebastian tries to help Chase get revenge on Adam, but his intentions may not be true.

Note: This is the Season 3 finale of Lab Rats.

Season 4: 2015


Join the Lab Rats on Bionic Island for all-new dangers, all-new heroes, and all-new gear! With the arrival of Krane’s bionic kids on the island, the Lab Rats will face more challenges than ever before. When Chase, Adam, and Bree discover an evil rebellion with a plan to exact revenge on Davenport, Leo and the other students are placed on full island lockdown. Then the Lab Rats sneak a group of bionic students off the island to experience normal life, but Spin and Bob get left behind! And when Leo decides to do his own self-promotion, the mission alerts get out of control!

iTunes Description, Lab Rats: Volume 7

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
73-74 1-2 "Bionic Rebellion" March 18, 2015 403-404 Chris Peterson & Bryan Moore
Disney XD Description: Chase, Adam, Bree and Leo discover that a confidante has secretly formed an evil rebellion to exact revenge for his father’s death by killing Davenport, leading to a bionic battle of good versus evil. Meanwhile, Leo is quick to tell all of the other students that he is not “one of them” while bragging about living with Adam, Bree and Chase in their high-tech quarters, which quickly comes back to haunt him.


  • This episode was added to WATCH Disney XD and Disney XD on Demand on March 11, 2015 for verified users to watch before it aired on TV.
  • This is the Season 4 premiere of Lab Rats: Bionic Island.
  • This is a 1-hour special.

Guest Stars: Maile Flanagan as Terry Perry, Cole Ewing as Sebastian, Max Charles as Spin, Brandon Salgedo-Telis as Bob, Joel Michael Kramer as Tank, Melissa Cuevas as Lexi.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
75 3 "Left Behind" March 25, 2015 401 Julia Miranda
Disney XD Description: After sneaking a group of their bionic students off the island, Adam, Bree and Chase accidentally leave Spin and Bob behind and scramble to retrieve them before Davenport finds out.

Note: Hal Sparks directed this episode.

Guest Stars: Max Charles as Spin, Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
76 4 "Under Siege" April 1, 2015 402 Ken Blankstein
137473 1016-900x600
Disney XD Description: When a series of suspicious events happen overnight at the academy, everyone is convinced a new threat has emerged.

Guest Stars: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas, Maile Flanagan as Terry Perry, Grace Kaufman as Kerry Perry.

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
77 5 "Bionic Dog" April 8, 2015 412 Mark Brazill
(Bionic Dog)
Disney XD Description: When Douglas' long lost dog, Otis, shows up on the island, Chase becomes severely allergic and Adam instantly bonds with him.

Guest Stars: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport, Jumpy the Dog as Otis.

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
78 6 "Mission Mania" April 15, 2015 405 Hayes Jackson
Disney XD Description: Feeling left out when no one recognizes him as the fourth member of the bionic team, Leo does his own self-promotion, resulting in more mission alerts than the team can handle.

Guest Stars: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport, Max Charles as Spin, Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob.

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
79 7 "Simulation Manipulation" April 22, 2015 406 Greg Schaffer
Disney XD Description: Adam and Chase each lead their student groups against each other in a series of simulated exercises that will evaluate both student and mentor performance.
No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
80 8 "Forbidden Hero" July 1, 2015 408 Steve Joe
Disney XD Description: Leo is injured during a mission and Tasha takes care of him, realizing the danger he puts himself in.

Guest Stars: Angel Parker as Tasha Davenport, Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob, Michaela Carrozzo as Caitlin.

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
81 9 "Spider Island" July 8, 2015 409 Julia Miranda
IMG 20150703 074428 3770
Disney XD Description: Douglas and Chase work together to reanimate an extinct species of sea spider. The spider escapes and puts the entire academy in jeopardy.

Note: Hal Sparks directed this episode.

Guest Star: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
82 10 "Spike vs. Spikette" July 15, 2015 407 Jason Dorris
Spike vs. Spikette
Disney XD Description: Bree and Chase discover that a female bionic student has a commando app like Chase. After she starts terrorizing the academy, they activate Spike to subdue her.

Guest Stars: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport, Liana Ramirez as Kate /Spikette , Mar Mar as Reggie

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
83-84 11-12 "Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med" July 22, 2015 415 Mark Brazill
Disney XD Description: When Chase and Davenport create a groundbreaking energy source with a new piece of technology, the Incapacitator from “Mighty Med” tricks Chase into thinking he’s a potential buyer and takes off with the device. Chase is severely injured in the process so Kaz and Oliver take him to the “Mighty Med” hospital to treat him. Meanwhile, Adam, Bree, Chase and Skylar try to track down the Incapacitator before it’s too late.

Guest Star: Damion Poltier as The Incapacitator

Special Guest Stars: Bradley Steven Perry as Kaz, Jake Short as Oliver, Paris Berelc as Skylar Storm, Jilan VanOver as Tecton, Jenelle McKee as Gamma Girl, Esteban Cueto as Gray Granite


  • This is a 1-hour special.
  • This is a crossover episode between Lab Rats: Bionic Island and Mighty Med.
  • Only Part 1 of this episode is Lab Rats, while Part 2 is Mighty Med.
No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
85 13 "Space Elevator" July 29, 2015 414 Jonah Kuehner
Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.48.18 AM
Disney XD Description: Davenport’s top scientist Dr. Ryan arrives at the academy to test his latest advance in space technology. Chase is immediately threatened by his young surfer dude demeanor and their rivalry heats up when Chase is forced to work as Dr. Ryan’s assistant.

Guest Stars: Maile Flanagan as Perry, Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob, Mark Saul as Dr. Ryan

Note: Hal Sparks directed this episode.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
86-87 14-15 "Bionic Action Hero" August 5, 2015 410-411 Part 1: Hayes Jackson

Part 2: Ken Blankstein

Bandicam 2015-08-06 11-03-51-219
Disney XD Description: Douglas reveals that a former colleague is a movie director and wants to make a movie based on Adam, Bree and Chase. However, when she shows up to the academy with her actor Troy West (played by Leo Howard) for research, her evil agenda begins to unfold.

Guest Stars: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport, Leo Howard as Troy, Jessalyn Wanlim as Giselle

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

Note: This is a 1-hour special.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
88 16 "One of Us" August 12, 2015 416
Disney XD Description: Chase and Douglas discover that Krane implanted the bionic students with a deadly virus. Chase, Douglas and Leo desperately try to find a solution before time runs out.

Guest Stars: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport, Ashley Argota as S-1

Absent: Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
89 17 "Bob Zombie" September 30, 2015 TBA

Plot Unknown

Guest Star: Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
89 ? "Ultimate Tailgate Challenge" TBA 413

Plot Unknown

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
91 ? "418" TBA 418

Plot Unknown

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
92 ? "419" TBA 419

Plot Unknown

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
93 ? "420" TBA 420

Plot Unknown

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
94-95 ? "Blindsided" TBA 421-422

Unofficial Plot (created by the wiki): After feeling put down by Adam, Bree, and Chase again, Leo starts his own team of bionic super humans with Logan and Taylor to prove that he too is a bionic hero.

Guest Stars: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport (possibly), Emery Kelly as Logan, Unknown as Taylor

Note: This is a one-hour special.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
96 ? "423" TBA 423

Plot Unknown

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
Written by
97-98 ? "424-425" TBA 424-425

Plot Unknown

Note: This is a one-hour special.

Note 2: This is most likely the series finale.



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