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Okay, this video took me FOREVER to make! But I've had the idea in my brain for a while now and, once an idea gets in there, it won't leave until it's been made. I don't know! haha I hope it's at least decent. It didn't exactly turn out how I imagined it but, then again, none of my vids ever do so...what are ya going to do? :P

(And just because I used voice overs from Delena scenes from the Vampire Diaries DOES NOT MEAN I ship them!!! They just conveniently said things that conveniently worked in this particular video...conveniently! Come on people, it's Stelena all the way XD)


All rights go to their respective owners, I own nothing! :P xoxo -Naomi


►Plot: (It's a long one!) Bree and Chase have an established relationship, the fact of whether it's known to the others is up to you. Anyway, one day when a wire becomes loose at the school, they have to fix it. However, as Chase and Adam get the job done, Bree hits her head after she saves Principle Perry. This causes her to lose her memory, including her feelings for Chase.

Chase (and Adam) take her back to the lab where Davenport examines her. He confirms that it is memory loss and that he doesn't know if it's permanent or not. This obviously worries Chase because his 'girlfriend' doesn't remember him.

- NOT SEEN - Everyone slowly eases Bree back into her life, telling her that she's bionic and goes on missions and all that.

However, when Chase tells her about their relationship, she can't exactly go back to being with him because she barely knows him. She feels bad because she can tell that he loves her, but she has no choice. (This is the part with the whole "I know that I loved you..")

Bree slowly becomes familiar with her life, although she still has none of her old memories so it's different. She catches the glances that Chase sends her way, making her feel even worse for not being with him. She even tells him "I don't want it to be like this" and he feels the same way.

When they're on a mission together again, Chase tells Bree to "be safe out there" and she realizes that he still loves her deeply.

Then, when Bree is flirting with a boy in the school hallway, Chase sees them. She instantly feels bad as she watches him walk away. Later, when he comes to her door to talk to her, she doesn't answer but instead just stands there. She continues to look at old pictures of them together, how they were before 'the accident', but still remembers nothing. (Meanwhile Chase can't stop remembering the old times)

Finally Chase has had enough and tells Bree one night that he wants her to live her life, not wanting 'some stranger' to keep making her feel bad about what she wants to do. (ex. talk to other guys) He tells her he still loves her, yet he knows he has to let her go. . . . Marcus captures Donald (because, I don't know, he's evil! haha) and Adam, Bree and Chase go to save him. However, as Marcus is about to let Chase die via giant, scary looking meat grinder, Bree runs over to save him. (her reason for doing it: she feels bad for the way she treated him, it was instinct, she still loves him but doesn't know it...take your pick!) However Marcus causes her to fall down, coincidentally hitting her head again and knocking her out.

Adam and Chase quickly rescue Donald and they bring Bree back to the lab, ready to examine her again. When she wakes up, however, she looks to Chase and remembers everything again. They're all relieved at this and all is happy again! :)

Color - present day Black&White - memories

►Fandom: Lab Rats | Bree Chase Davenport

►Song: You and I Tonight - Faber Drive


˙·٠•● Thank you for watching ! ●•٠·˙

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