Flo is a one of the lunch ladies at Mission Creek High School. She played her most major role in Spike Fright, but she has made cameo appearances in many other episodes.


Flo appeared in Spike Fright as Terry Perry's business partner. At the beginning of the episode, she is seen being yelled at by Perry, saying that she double crossed her.

She is later seen when Leo and Bree listen to Perry yelling at her again. When Perry is pounding meat, Bree and Leo think that Perry killed Flo, so they run home to get Donald, who at first doesn't believe that Perry killed Flo. After they rush to the school, they confronted Perry, and then Perry locked them in the cafeteria. She then forces Leo, Bree, and Donald to taste her burgers. When they taste her burgers, Donald finds Flo's ring, and they try to escape.

Flo is last mentioned when Perry catches Donald from attempting to escape. She then explains what really happened, and explains that she didn't kill Flo, and that she's away picking up their food truck.


  • She and Terry Perry opened a food truck together.
    • It is unknown if they are still business partners.
  • Flo has a ring which says "Rusty and Flo forever".

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