Giselle's robotics lab.

Giselle's Robotics Company is a laboratory and a company owned by Giselle Vickers where she creates her androids, as seen in Bionic Action Hero. The laboratory later returns in The Vanishing.


The Robotics Lab

The Robotics Lab.

This robotics company is a big laboratory, owned by Giselle Vickers, who began creating androids in attempt to make her android technology far more superior and to benefit herself. However, her attempts failed, when Adam, Bree, Chase, and the Bionic Soldiers appeared in front of the entire world. In envy, Giselle seeks to eliminate the bionic humans, who stand in her way.

Other parts of the lab.

Other parts of the lab.

After kidnapping Chase, Giselle and Troy West, her old model android, brought him to the robotics lab to remove Chase's intelligence chip by slicing it, so that Giselle could use Chase's intelligence to make her army of androids smarter. After Adam and Bree break in her robotics lab to rescue Chase, Giselle is about to attack them. However, Troy betrays Giselle, whom he believes that she was going to get rid of him, and reveals his plans to start a cybernetic revolt against mankind. Bree destroys him and Douglas and the others destroy the remaining robots. Giselle escapes her robotics lab, planning to rebuild Marcus Davenport.
Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.41.09 PM

Giselle's Robotics Company in The Vanishing.

After Marcus got rebuilt, Giselle hijacked the Bionic Soldiers' geo-leaping, and forced them to her induction chamber in her lab. Giselle baits the Davenports and sends a newly upgraded Marcus to ambush the Rats, and placed them in the cell where all the other students were, while his dad and uncle were strapped to chairs. Marcus grabbed Daniel and tortured him as part of his payback against Douglas. Although Leo, who didn't have a bionic chip, was able to break them out, the Lab Rats and the soldiers were able to escape. However, Giselle revealed that all their chips were destroyed. The soldiers were all told to return to the academy while Adam, Bree and Chase would handle Giselle.    

Meanwhile, Marcus continues to throw Daniel around, but Donald suggests Douglas trick Marcus so that Daniel can take Marcus' abilities. Daniel grabbed Marcus on time, and used his laser spheres to blast Marcus to pieces.  While the Lab Rats were trying to avoid Giselle's energy whip, they tricked Giselle and disarmed her. When Giselle revealed she had more, the Lab Rats timed their dodges so that her whip would coil around her, ultimately causing her death. Afterwards, Douglas salvaged Giselle's tech and research to fix the Lab Rats and Bionic Soldiers' chips.  

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