Gray Granite is a superhero from Mighty Med. He comes with Tecton and Gamma Girl to try and stop The Incapacitator. His only appearance is in Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med.

He is portrayed by Mike O'Hearn.


Superhuman Abilities

  • Earth Mimicry: His skin has made of hard rocks.
    • Scattering: He is able to disperse his body in small rocks.
    • Reforming: Also he can reconstruct himself.
    • Enhanced Strength: Gray Granite's stone form allows him great strength.
    • Tough:' 'He can break a solid door
    • Gravity: He can pull his staff to his hand as in Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med.


  • Fighting Staff: He carries with him a staff, which according to Oliver weights 6,000 trading cards (24 lbs., 0.004 per card) And when he slammed in the floor it caused earthquakes. His staff can absorb even Leo's laser spheres.

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