Heat Vision/Laser Vision, is one of Adam's main bionic abilities, along with Super Strength.



Chase's temporary laser vision

  • Adam's Heat Vision is red, Marcus' Laser Vision is green, and Troy's is blue.
  • Adam can switch his Heat Vision to Flame Vision, making fire shoot out of his eyes instead of lasers, like he did in Taken, and You Posted What?!?. It can glitch when he starts to get upset. (Crush, Chop and Burn)
  • Chase and Bree both temporarily had Heat Vision in Chip Switch.
  • Adam, Marcus, and Troy's laser vision relate to each other'.
    • Troy's Laser Vision is equally as powerful as Adam's Heat Vision.
    • Since Marcus' Laser Vision defeated Adam in Bionic Showdown, Marcus' Laser Vision can possibly be stronger than Troy's.

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