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Oh, no. Not Chase. This is terrible! Who's Chase?
— Horace Diaz about Chase in Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med

 'Dr. 'Horace Diaz is a character who only appears in the episode, Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med.

He is portrayed by Carlos Lacámara.


  • Horace Diaz was seen to lie about knowing how to cure his patients.
  • At the end of Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med, he asked, "What, were they raised in a basement?" This happens to be true, as they were originally raised in a basement. (The Lab
  • Horace doesn't know how to cure bionic humans.
  • He thinks Chase is rude because Chase didn't shake his hand. But Chase wasn't awake because The Incapacitator hurt him. (Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med).

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