Oh, cool. We're going over the Hurst Memorial Bridge. Interesting fact: It's one of the largest suspension bridges in the world.
Chase about the Hurst Memorial Bridge in Lab Rats: On the Edge
Hurst Memorial Bridge

The Hurst Memorial Bridge begins to collapse.

The Hurst Memorial Bridge is a large suspension bridge in California, based on the Golden Gate Bridge.


The Hurst Memorial Bridge was erected in 1951. Years later, Adam, Bree, Chase, Donald and Douglas Davenport were on their way to attend The Presidential Award Ceremony. They traveled in Donald Davenport's newly made self-driving limousine. As the sleek limo made it across the bridge, a transport ship slammed into one of the supports, causing the bridge cables to snap. Inside the limo, after hearing the ship's impact, Donald lowered the driver's partition screen to get a glimpse at what was going on. Once the partition is lowered down, the team witnesses the bridge shaking violently, causing two oncoming vehicles to swerve onto the limo's path, narrowly causing a head on collision. Terrified, Donald raises up the partition, obscuring the view of the windshield. The team then suddenly experiences several hard impacts to the limo, and then with one colossal and final impact, the limo is left teetering dangerously off the bridge. Civilians driving on the bridge end up in a huge traffic pile. Luckily, from the point in which a portion of the bridge collapsed into the sea.

After seeing the news report, the bionic soldiers, including Logan and Taylor, plan their rescue mission. After Logan and Taylor told Leo what happened, Leo joins them to save his family. After everyone is rescued off the bridge, Chase is still stuck in the limo. Leo saves Chase and escapes the collapsing bridge. Donald's brand new limo however plunges into the sea.


  • The Hurst Memorial Bridge looks similar to the Golden Gate Bridge, which is also in California.
  • According to Chase, it's one of the largest suspension bridges in the world and it was erected in 1951.

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