Krouglas (Kr/ane and D/ouglas) is the pairing between Victor Krane and Douglas Davenport. They used to work together, but Krane said he didn't need Douglas in Taken. Douglas then joined The Team, working against Krane.


Season 2

No Going Back

  • Krane breaks Douglas out of Donald's ice cube, after being frozen in suspended animation.

Season 3

Sink or Swim

  • Douglas introduces Krane to Adam, Bree and Chase.
  • Douglas tries to be friendly with Krane, but Krane is very serious.
  • Douglas and Krane control Adam, Bree and Chase together with the Triton App.
  • Krane tells Douglas that his plan is over and orders him to destroy Adam, Bree and Chase.


  • Douglas warns The Team that Krane is out of control.
  • Krane finds out and tries to kill Douglas, but Douglas fakes his death.
  • Douglas saves Adam, Bree and Chase from Krane, and is about to finish him but he escapes.

You Posted What?!?

  • Douglas said he and Krane used Cyber masks to go as Brad and Angelina for Halloween.
  • Krane told Douglas that his technology has come in very handy.
  • Krane updated Douglas's triton app.
  • Douglas asked what Krane's plan was.
  • Krane asked Douglas if he gave the "kid" (Leo) bionics too.
  • Krane used Pyrokinesis on Douglas.
  • Douglas told Special Agent Graham about Krane.
  • Douglas said Krane was a sociopath who's been implanting himself with bionics.
  • Douglas said Krane could make an entire bionic army.
  • Douglas gave Graham a bionic signal interrupter device to use on Krane and S-1.

Rise of the Secret Soldiers

  • Douglas figures that during their partnership, Krane went behind his back and genetically engineered more bionic kids (much like Douglas himself did with Adam, Bree and Chase).
  • Douglas teams up with Donald to fight Krane and his army.
  • Douglas tells Adam, Bree and Chase how to destroy Krane.

Season 4

Bionic Dog

  • It is revealed that Krane tampered with Otis's bionics and gave him the mission to destroy Douglas.

One of Us

  • Douglas said that he knew Krane better than anybody.
  • Douglas and Krane used to have dinner parties. Douglas would do his Krane impression, until Krane threatened to kill him.
  • Douglas said that Krane once promised to take Douglas on a vacation to the Florida Keys, but never did.
  • It is implied Krane blamed Douglas for forgetting to replace battery acid when it ran out.  


Lab Rats 'Gallery'
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