Lanielle (L/eo and D/anielle) is the pairing between Leo Dooley and Danielle. Leo had a big crush on Danielle, and wanted to go to the dance with her. She is Leo's first love interest.

Other Names

  • Deo (D/anielle and L/eo)
  • Danieo (Dani/elle and L/eo)


Season 1

Leo's Jam

  • Leo said Danielle was the girl of her dreams.
  • Danielle uses Leo as a footstool in math class.
  • Leo sent Danielle 87 e-mails.
  • Leo does a huge performance to impress Danielle.
  • Bandicam 2015-04-25 15-01-52-331
    Danielle asks Leo to dance with him after she is impressed by his performance.
  • Leo hugged Danielle.
  • Leo said Danielle smelt so good that he passed out.
  • Leo left Danielle to go to Adam and Chase, it seemed like Danielle was a bit upset by this.
L LabRats s1 e5

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