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Wow, look who finally got a big boy voice! Still waiting for the rest of your little boy body to catch up, huh?
— Eddy to Leo in Human Eddy

Leddy (Le/o and E/ddy) is the relationship between Leo Dooley and Eddy. Leo and Eddy have a hateful relationship. Eddy tends to annoy Leo, and Leo tends to annoy Eddy. Although they can put aside their differences and work together. (Bionic Showdown)


Season 1

Crush, Chop and Burn

  • Leo accidently slammed into Eddy.
  • Eddy told Leo that everything is his.
  • Leo thought Eddy was just in the living room.
  • Eddy told Leo he was everywhere.
  • Eddy told Leo that nothing needed to be that clean in the shower.
  • Leo wanted Eddy to be shut down.

Concert in a Can

  • Eddy told Leo he saw Marcus break the guitar.
  • Bandicam 2015-07-13 16-24-51-358
    Leo asked Eddy why he didn't say anything.
  • Eddy helped Leo prove that Marcus broke his own guitar.

Season 2

Speed Trapped

  • Eddy tells Leo Adam, Bree and Chase snuck out.
Missin' the Mission
Bandicam 2015-08-26 14-27-10-253
  • Eddy sprayed Leo with liquid.
  • Eddy made his neck longer to make Leo the shortest.
  • Eddy told Leo that Donald thinks he's worthless.
  • Him along with Donald didn't even try to save Eddy's body.

Spike's Got Talent

  • Eddy hinted Leo to look in Davenport's drawer for the bionic signal interrupter.

Bionic Showdown

  • They worked together to save the Lab Rats and Donald.
  • Eddy showed Donald's "Weapons Vault" to Leo.

Season 3

Three Minus Bree

  • Eddy accidentally gets trapped in Tasha's body, due to Leo's invention. They had to work things out so no one would notice Tasha was actually Eddy.
  • Leo stops Tasha from hurting Eddy.


Ah! He doesn't know he's a zombie!
— Eddy about Leo in Bionic Showdown

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