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But you guys aren't my friends. You're my brothers.
Leo to Adam and Chase
“Leo's Jam”
Season 1, Episode 4
El lio de leo
Air Date

March 12, 2012


Heather Flanders


Victor Gonzalez

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Leo's Jam” is the fourth episode of Lab Rats. It first aired on March 12, 2012.


When Leo needs help asking Danielle out to the school dance, Adam and Chase step in to help, but the plan backfires when she falls for the wrong brother every time. Meanwhile, Bree is scared to ask out her crush, Ethan, to the school dance. At the school dance, Danielle asks Chase if he wants to go out with her. Chase does the 'Refrigerator Dance' as told by Leo. Danielle gets creeped out and dumps Chase. Then, Adam decides to dance with Danielle and accidentally throws her into the ceiling but then catches her. Once again, Danielle dumps Adam and watches Leo's performance. She was impressed and wanted to dance with him. Meanwhile, Bree finally started to dance with Ethan but spins out of the room from super-speeding while spinning. Leo then apoligizes to Adam and Chase for stealing their girl. They accept the apoligy and they find a girl to chase after. For the final scene, they show Leo and the Lab Rats dancing for the school, starting with Chase, then Adam, then Leo, and lastly Bree.


Recurring Cast

Guest Cast


  • Hal Sparks, who plays Donald Davenport, is absent for this episode. This is also the first time a main character is absent.
  • It is revealed that Leo has an aunt, Janice and is a part of Tasha's book club.
  • It is revealed that Leo can dance.
  • This is the first episode named after a character.


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HD Lab Rats Cast - Dancing (Leo's Jam)00:53

HD Lab Rats Cast - Dancing (Leo's Jam)


For a full transcript of Leo's Jam, click here.


El lio de leo
My favorite episode is
Leo's Jam!


Memorable Quotes

Chase, you say something and do the exact opposite. You are a total hypnotist!

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