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Dude, that was incredible. One day, I'm gonna be just like you.
— Logan to Leo in Lab Rats: On The Edge

Logan is a character who appears in the episode Lab Rats: On The Edge. He is a bionic soldier who is in the Expert level. Logan is a "new guy" and a very positive person who likes to help out others.

He is portrayed by Emery Kelly.


In Lab Rats: On The Edge, Logan was first seen telling Adam, Bree, and Chase about a new ability that Leo and Taylor did. During the episode, he is often see following Leo, because he states that he wants to be just like Leo. He was a part of Leo's team, along with Taylor. He looks up to Leo, and helped save Adam, Bree, Chase, Donald, and Douglas when they were about to fall of off a bridge.


  • Energy Manipulation: He uses this ability to throw Leo and Taylor's EMP at a specific target.


  • He is in the Expert (red) level in the bionic academy.
  • He was part of Leo's new bionic team, along with Taylor.
  • He looks up to Leo.
  • He appears to be Adam's counterpart on Leo's team.
  • He helped Leo and Taylor rescue the Davenports.


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