And you're not really a child, so stop acting like one!
— Perry's Mother to Terry Perry in My Little Brother

Mother Perry is Terry Perry's mother who only appeared in the episode My Little Brother. She was also mentioned in Chip Switch and later mentioned in The Curse of the Screaming Skull.

She is portrayed by Peggy Miley.


Perry's Mother is shown to be very hard on her daughter. In My Little Brother, Bree Davenport called her because Terry was causing trouble at school. She is shown to yell at her daughter a lot.


Season 2


Season 1

Season 4


  • She calls her daughter Theresa.
    • Theresa may be Terry's real name, so she calls her by her actual name instead of Terry.
  • Terry reveals that she lives with her. (Chip Switch)
  • Her relationship with her daughter is similar to Rose's relationship with Tasha Davenport, because like Rose, Mother Perry is hard on her daughter.

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