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This page is a transcript for Not So Smart Phone. Please add to the contents of this page, but only sentences and parts that pertain to the episode Not So Smart Phone.

This is a transcript of the episode Not So Smart Phone. It's still under construction.


(In The Lab)

Chase: Hey guys, check it out. We just got our first paychecks from Tech Town.

Leo: Nice! What are you going to spend it on? A video game? New kicks? A birthday gift for a sibling who wants a video game and new kicks?

Chase: Nope. I'm gonna open a savings account.

Bree: I want to like you, but you make it so hard.

Chase: The job also comes with perks.

Leo: The new ePhone 7?! Those aren't even out yet! How'd you get one?

Chase: Well, Leo, as a rising star of the Tech Town empire-

Bree: We all got one.

Chase: People are already lined up for the big release Friday. You should've seen the crazy looks in their eyes when I walked by with this thing. Yup that's the look.

Leo: This version's got a new auto-centering feature to help you take better selfies.

(Phone Snaps)

Leo: Yeah, I don't photograph well.

Adam: Point that bad boy over here. You're gonna want to record this perfection.


Adam: I'm Adam Davenport, and this is "Bionic Bowling".

Leo: Adam is six-foot-two, a rare combination of incredible strength and not much else.

Adam: (exhales deeply)

Leo: Oh, yeah! Ohh!

Adam: Whoo!

Chase: I'm Chase Davenport, and this is "Molecular Kinesis Bowling."

Leo: A native of Mission Creek, Chase's hobbies include being a tattle-tale and creping out girls.

Leo: Oh! Oh, the dreaded 7/10 split! Devastating. Just devastating.

Adam: (makes whimpering noises)

Chase: You were saying?

Adam: Oh, it's on!

(Video Cut)

Adam: I'm still Adam Davenport, and this is "Blastwave Bowling."

(Adam Blastwaves Chase)

Chase: (yelling)

Chase: (groaning)

Leo: And we have a loser!


(In Tech Town Store)

Scott: All right, huddle up, team. Tomorrow's our biggest day of the year. For us techies, this is our World Series. And I'm your starting quarterback.

(popping sound)

Chase: Oh! Go, team!

(weak grunt)

Chase: Scott, I've studied all the specs. Ready to assist any customer who needs help.

Scott: Great, cause we're gonna have more people in this store than ever before. Any questions?

Caitlin: Can we not do the sale?

Scott': Caitlin, remember what I said?

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