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This page is a transcript for One of Us. Please add to the contents of this page, but only sentences and parts that pertain to the episode One of Us.
 This is a transcript of the episode One of Us. It's still under construction. 


Chase: Douglas, have you seen Leo? He's late for training. 

Douglas: Why don't you just call him? 

Adam: Ugh, too much work. Let's just kick him out of the academy.

(Phone rings

Leo: Hello. 

Chase: Leo, what are you doing back in Mission Creek? You're supposed to be here for training. 

Leo: Sorry. I had to pop back and deal with a little situation. Janelle missed me. You ladies can be SO needy. 

Bree: She threatened to break-up with you, didn't she? 

Leo: It was implied. (doorbell rings) Ah! She's here!

Chase: Can you believe him? Skipping his training to hang out with a girl?

Adam: You might understand it one day if you actually have one.

Chase: For your information, later today, I will be online gaming with FrizzyBizzy21. And there's a 50% chance that's a female.

Bree: Yeah, no there's not.

(S-1 comes through the hydra loop)

Douglas: Ah, it's her!

(All the soldiers ready themselves to take her down)

Adam: Hey, you look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?

Chase: Adam, that's S-1, Krane's lead soldier. She tried to destroy us.

Adam: Oh, yeah. What do you say we finish the job and get outta here?

(Intro plays)

. . .

Chase: What are you doing here?

S-1: I figured since this is the bionic academy you're the only people who might be able to help. Something's wrong with me.

Bree: Yeah, we already know that, Psycho Sally. You tried to crush Leo and take us all out.

S-1: I'm sorry I don't know what you're talking about.

Douglas: Of course she doesn't. She's a blank slate, just like the rest of the soldiers were.

Chase: Why weren't you rounded up with everyone else?

S-1: All I know is that I woke up in a field, then this family found me and took me in. And when they discovered I was bionic, they freaked out. So I ran away and I've been hiding ever since.

Bree: I don't believe her.

Douglas: Well, why would she lie? Krane's no longer controlling her mind with the Triton App so she has no reason to be evil.

Chase: Oh, yeah, well that's what we thought about Sebastian too. And we ALL know what happened there.

Adam: We get it, he broke your heart. Let it go.

S-1: Look, if you don't believe me, remove my chip. Then there's no way I can hurt you. 

(Douglas removes her bionic chip)

Douglas: All clear. But you might wanna have that mole checked out.

Chase: All right, now that we know you're telling the truth, what exactly is wrong with you?

S-1: I keep having flashbacks about a guy named Victor Krane?

Douglas: Preach into the choir sister.

Chase: Wait, when the Triton App deactivated it should have erased all of her memory. How can she still remember Krane?

Douglas: It must be a glitch. What else do you remember?

S-1: He said if anything bad happened to him, something just as bad would happen to me.

Douglas: Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. It was just the metal in his face talking.

S-1: Look, every time I get a flashback, I get a terrible headache. I'm really scared and I don't have anyone else to turn to. Please, help me figure out what's going on.

Bree: What do we do?

Chase: I think we should help her.

Adam: Okay, but if she crushes your heart like Sebastian, don't come crying to me.

. . .

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