Perryland, also known as the United Republic of Perryland is created by Perry as her own country.


Perry creates her own country, called "Perryland" on the Davenport Bionic Academy and hires her dictator friend's foreign soldiers to become her bodyguards. The unfortunate event occurred when Donald Davenport forgot to pay for the trash bill, so Perry did it herself, and while there, she found out they never founded the academy as a country, and she took the opportunity right away.

Perry becomes a tyrant and makes everybody miserable, making Bree and Leo angry at her. To stop Perry, the group tricks her into believing she's marrying Douglas in their wedding and signing a contract. After Perry signs a contract that makes the gang own the Davenport Bionic Academy, the gang brought their Bionic Academy back. Enraged, Perry begins to shoot lasers in anger.

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