Pyrokinesis is a psychic ability allowing a person to create or control fire with the mind. There are three known people with this ability.


It is indeed a very powerful ability, but everyone with it must to be careful with how much they use it and many other abilities along with it, because if they use too many abilities (including pyrokinesis) at the same time, it will cause the bionics to malfunction and fry the user's chip.


  • Victor Krane: Possibly the most powerful bionic user in the universe, Victor Krane charges up the ability and made into a big fireball and tries to destroy some members of the team with it. He can manipulate this ability at will, and if he charges it powerful enough, it could kill a human being and possibly bionic being.
  • Sebastian: The main rebel of the Bionic Academy. Sebastian used this ability in Bionic Rebellion after Chase unlocked it for him without even knowing about Sebastian being evil. Sebastian used this ability combined with too many others and fried his chip.
  • Jenny: Jenny briefly lit the floor on fire in The Vanishing to test the new upgrade Davenport came up with to make the students more powerful.


Season 3

Season 4

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