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Leo: (Walks in the house holding a box full of magazines) Good news my famous bionic peeps. Your new PR guy came through big time.

Chase: Please tell me it's not another celebrity game show. We always lose.

Bree: Probably because one of us always hits the buzzer too soon and doesn't know the answer!

Chase and Bree: (Looks at Adam)

Adam: In my defense, I thought hitting the buzzer was the right answer.

Leo: You remember that big magazine interview I got you guys? The article just came out thanks to yours truly... Leo Dooley of Dooley Entertainment the subsidiary of Leo Corp.

Chase, Adam and Bree: (Walks toward Leo)

Chase: Awesome!

Adam: Cool!

Bree: Wait, I want to see! (Picks up magazine and starts reading it) Wait, the reporter interviewed all of us! Why is Adam the only one on the cover?!

Adam: (Giggles)

Chase: This whole article makes it sound like he's in charge! Adam Davenport is the bionic team's leader, strong man and all around superstar?!

Adam: Uh, finally someone gets how things work around here! (Sits on the couch while reading)

Bree: Hold on, listen to this. Along with Adam's little brother, the girl helps him on missions! It's like you and I barely even exist!

Adam: What are you talking about? You guys are mentioned right here. See? Bree and Chase Davenport not pictured.

Donald: (Walks in the room) Hey guys. What's going on?

Chase and Bree: (Walks toward Donald)

Chase: This article totally misrepresents how our team works. People are going to think Adam is the only one who does anything.

Adam: Oh don't worry. I'll set the records straight and tell them the girl does stuff too.

Donald: Guys don't worry about it. The media distorts everything. I mean one time, an article said that I was self absorbed. (Laughs) Look, the important thing is that you know the truth about who you are and what you do.

Chase: (Opens magazine again) We also spoke to Leo Dooley—the bionic team's brilliant mastermind.

Donald: What? (Takes magazine) That's it! I'm calling my lawyer! (Walks out of room)

(Theme song)

Chase: Leo, Look at this. It's bad enough that magazines are twisting the facts, but now gossip sites are now writing all sorts of lies about us. (Hands Leo a magazine)

Bree: Yeah. Like I can't keep a boyfriend.

Chase: And that I'm a nerd.

Adam: And also a bunch of stuff that isn't true.

Leo: Guys, look. This is the price of fame. Now you see why I choose to live my bionic life out of the spotlight...and take my modest 25 percent as your manager.

Chase: Leo. This is wrong. The world is not seeing us for who we really are.

Bree: Yeah. People need to know that I'm a humble, down to Earth, bionic super model.

Leo: Look, I have a fix. When you guys first went public, a production company wanted to do a live reality show about you, but Big D. turned them down.

Chase: Why?

Leo: One hint: Guess who wasn't going to be the star. Davenport is going away on a business trip, so I'll call the company and let them know we've reconsidered. They'll send in camera crews to follow you around.

Chase: Yes. Then the whole world will see how things really are.

Bree: And it'll be live, so they won't be able to manipulate the truth.

Adam: Great idea, Leo.

Leo: Well, as the article says 'I am the bionic team's brilliant mastermind'.

Adam: Really? 'Cause according to this website, you're an adorable eight year old sidekick, Leo Clooney.

Leo: That's your blog.

Adam: Huh, should've known. I spelled my own name wrong.


Leo: Great, we'll see the camera crew here tomorrow...Yes, I am a great negotiator for an eight year old. (Leo hangs up and opens front door)

Perry: What's up, Clooney?! (walks in house)

Leo: (Closes door) Why are you wearing that coat? You look look more suspicious than usual.

Perry: I just thought I would drop by and see how my good friends, The Davenports, are doing—Whoa! Look! There's a mountain lion in your yard! (Points to window)

Leo: Really? Where? I don't see anything!

Perry: Keep looking, something will show up!

Leo: There's nothing there. What's in your coat?

Perry: Nothing. (Leo shakes coat and items fall out) Like I said, nothing.

Leo: Really? You're stealing from us?

Perry: Well, not anymore! You caught me! Once Adam, Bree, and Chase became famous, I made a fortune auctioning off their bionic belongings online. But then I ran out. Now I have to restock. (Takes salt and pepper shakers)

Leo: Put those back!

Perry: Oh! You're gonna have to catch me first! (runs to door) Oh! Cramp! Cramp! Cramp! Ah, my hammy!

(Later at mission site)

Bree: Great. (Turns to Donald) Now every news station is saying the bionic people attacked the public. They think we're dangerous!

Donald: (To Leo) What were you thinking using your bionic arm?

Leo: In my defense...I wasn't thinking.

Chase: (To Donald) Never mind him. (To Adam) How could you attack those people?

Adam: (To Chase) I didn't attack them, I was trying to get them away from Leo.

Bree: (To Adam) Well, good job. You sent 10 protestors to the hospital.

Adam: I didn't hear an ambulance.

Bree: No. You BLEW them TO the hospital!

Chase: (Referring to Adam) Idiot.

Adam: I'm an idiot? (Chase nods) There wouldn't have been an angry mob of protestors if our mission leader had done his job right!

Chase: Oh, really? I'm always saving your butt. If it weren't for me, you would've lasered your own face off by now!

Adam: Yeah? Well how about I laser my ears off instead so I don't have to listen to your stupid voice?

Bree: (To Adam and Chase) What are you complaining about? I'm the one who has to go on every single mission with you two morons!

Chase: (To Bree) Then don't go! You've quit before, just do it again!

Bree:  Really? You're gonna pull that one out? You know, if I remember correctly, you're the one who took off on us and went on a mission ALONE, Mr. Avalanche!

Chase: (to Bree and Adam) So what if I did?! I'm better off on my own than having to carry you worthless deadweights!

Donald: ENOUGH! WOULD YOU LISTEN TO YOURSELVES?! Your selfish behavior is tearing this team apart and I'm tired of it. Something has to change.

(Big D and Leo leave in disappointment)

Chase: He's right.


President: I told you to lay low. Why would you use your bionics on those people? I can't even defend you now.

Chase: You don't have to Mr. President.

President: Of course I do. You know, people are terrified and they have every right to be.

Chase: No. I mean you don't have to defend us anymore. Because as of today...we're dissolving the team.

President: What? Davenport, is this true?

Donald: (to the President) I'm sorry, Mr. President. I tried to talk them out of it but their desicion is final. They're done.

(Adam, Bree and Chase walk off seperately)

(3 Weeks Later)

Leo: Guys! Get over here, quick! (Adam, Bree, Chase and Douglas run over to Leo and an unconscious Donald) I don't think he's breathing!

(Chase kneels next to Donald, checking for a pulse. He looks at everyone in worry and concern)

(At home)

Leo: (Leo's phone rings) Mom! How's Big D?

Douglas: Poor Donny. This is all my fault. I should've protected him.

Adam: Don't blame yourself, Douglas. (Looks toward Chase) Blame Chase.

Chase: It's no one's fault.

Adam: (To Douglas) See, that's what people say when it is their fault.

(Leo walks toward them and they stand up

Bree: How is he?

Leo: Not good. He's out of surgery, but it's still touch and go.

Chase: Then I guess all we can do is wait.

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