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This page is a transcript for Scramble the Orbs. Please add to the contents of this page, but only sentences and parts that pertain to the episode Scramble the Orbs.

This is a transcript of the episode Scramble the Orbs. It's still under construction.


(Adam walks into the lab)

Leo: Hey Adam! Attack me.

Adam: Ananano. I know how this works. First you tell me to attack you, I say no, then you taunt me till I snap, it's not gonna happen.

(Leo throws water bottle at Adam)

Adam: OH ITS ON LITTLE MAN!(tries to attack Leo, but two orbs come and shoot him) Oh no! The Christmas ornaments are turning against us!

Leo: Nope. You just got post waved by my newest invention: Attack Orbs.

Adam: Huh?

Leo: When they receive a threat within 5 feet of me, they attack. They're mobile robotic body guards.

Adam: Him, impressive. But haven't you ever thought of lifting weights or working out?

Leo: I designed them to help protect you guys from Douglas and Krane. If I'm going to be a true inventor, I have to start making things without Big D. And, if I prove myself maybe he'll eventually let me be his business partner.

Eddy: Right! Cause every billionaire needs an incompetent relative that brings nothing to the table.

(Chase walks in the lab)

Adam: Speaking of.

Chase: Hey guys.

Adam: Chase! Why are you attacking Leo?

Chase: What?(Adam pushes Chase towards Leo, and Chase gets shot by the orbs)

Adam: (laughs)Awesome!(High fives Leo but gets shot by the orbs as well)

Adam: Do it again!

(theme song)

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