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IA This article does not have all the information about the subject!

This article, transcript, or section is incomplete. You may help by completing the article.

This page is a transcript for Space Elevator. Please add to the contents of this page, but only sentences and parts that pertain to the episode Space Elevator.
This is a transcript of the episode Space Elevator. It's still under construction.


Donald: Heads up, we got a visiter coming.

Adam: Is it a government agent coming to take us away?

Chase: Our secret has been out for a year, why would they take us away now?

Adam: Let's just say I've done some things.

Donald: It's my chief scientist Dr. Ryan. He's the smartest man I've ever worked with.

Chase:  (pointedly clears throat) Ahem!

Donald: Oh, you're right. I'm sorry. I'm the smartest man I've ever worked with. (giggles) Dr. Ryan was head of his class at MIT. And he's been Davenport Industries employee of the month twice. That has never happened. But, except, of course for me.

Leo: You named yourself employee of the month at your own compagnie? (Donald nods) I think you love you a little too much.

Donald: It's not because I love myself, it's because I'm better than everyone else.

(Dr. Ryan walks out of the hydroloop)

Dr. Ryan: Hey heeey! What's up dudes, lady dude.

Bree: This is your esteem cheap scientist?

Dr. Ryan: And, employee of the month, got the parking space and everything. I don't drive, but my mom uses it when she picks me up. That's right, twenty-eight, still livin' rent-free in my parents' basement. Jealous?

Bree: Nope.

Donald: Dr. Ryan is here to construct and test Davenport Industries' new space elevator.

Chase: Ah -- space elevator?!

Adam: You see, this is why people are out of shape, you should build space stairs.

Dr. Ryan: It's a highly-advanced transport (camera shifts to a blueprint of the space elevator) that climbs a tether all the way to our space stations. Since it's held up by gravity, we can resupply without ever using a rocket. Chase, you look confused and/or constipated.

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