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Sorry you live here! Ha!
— Eddy to Tasha in Speed Trapped

Taddy (Ta/sha and E/ddy) is the pairing of Tasha and Eddy. Tasha and Eddy hate each other. They tend to fight over Donald a lot and usually don't agree on anything.


Season 1

Crush, Chop and Burn

  • Eddy asked Donald if they could ship Tasha away.
  • Eddy turned on the intruder alarm when Tasha came in the lab.
  • Tasha asked Eddy where Leo went.
Drone Alone
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  • Eddy told Tasha she was on "the list."
  • Eddy called Tasha "cupcake."
  • Tasha threw Eddy at the wall.
  • Tasha didn't like the idea of Eddy driving the plane.
  • Eddy told Tasha he got her home safe.

Season 2

Speed Trapped

  • Eddy told Tasha Donald was spending his five year anniversary of his activation with him.
  • Eddy was making fun of Tasha.
  • They both said thank you when Donald said he prepared a special anniversary dinner.
  • Tasha was mad at Eddy for taking her face off the picture then putting it on the horse.
  • Eddy showed a picture of a monster when he said he was gonna show a picture of Tasha waking up in the morning.
  • Eddy made a lot of cold air go on Tasha making ice appear on her.
  • Eddy said he was sorry, and Tasha said thank you, but Eddy then said "Sorry you live here. Ha!"
  • Eddy said he will give Tasha anything she wants to not get shut down.
  • Tasha said she wants control of Eddy's mute button, stop taunting her book club, and not to call animal control.
  • Eddy agreed to all these things.
  • Tasha tricked Eddy by saying she will tell Donald not to shut him off starting tomorrow.

Missin' the Mission

  • When Eddy was dying, he said it should have been Tasha.

Leo vs. Evil

  • Eddy was really happy that Tasha was vaporized.
  • Eddy said Tasha was hideously deformed, and to look away.
  • Tasha turned Eddy off.

No Going Back

  • Tasha was happy that Eddy was killed in the explosion.
  • Tasha was upset when Donald said Eddy was his best friend and not her.

Season 3

Three Minus Bree

  • Eddy was stuck in Tasha's body.
  • Eddy made Tasha look like a clown on TV.

Season 4

Human Eddy

  • Eddy said that he locked Tasha in the closet back at the Davenport Household.

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