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Telli (T/yrel & K/elli) is the pairing of Tyrel Jackson Williams and Kelli Berglund. They seem to be really good friends.

Other Names

  • Tyrelli (Tyr/el + K/elli)
  • Kellel (Kell/i + Tyr/el)
  • Tylli (Ty/rel + Ke/lli)


  • On Tyrel's 17th birthday, Kelli tweeted: 'Wanna wish @Tyreljwill a very happy 17th birthday! Love ya tj'.
  • Kelli has posted several photos of him or them together on Instagram.
  • On FaceBook, Kelli said that Tyrel is a funny guy.


Lab Rats 'Gallery'
The image gallery for Telli may be viewed here.

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