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Terglas (Ter/ry and Dou/glas) is the pairing of Terry Perry and Douglas Davenport. Perry has a crush on Douglas, but Douglas finds it creepy.

Other Names

  • Derry (D/ouglas + T/erry)
  • Douterry (Dou/glas + Terry)
  • Touglas (T/erry + D/ouglas)
  • Dorry (Do/uglas + Te/rry)


Season 3

You Posted What?!?

  • Terry admits she has a crush on Douglas.
  • They both are knocked out by Krane and fall on top of each other.
  • Terry is concerned about Douglas and gave him a balloon saying: "Get well, Grandma!"
  • Douglas is upset when Leo crushes Terry's hand.

Season 4

Under Siege

  • Terry held Douglas' arm.
  • Terry thinks they're going to marry later, because she called Douglas the future uncle of Kerry.
  • Terry called Douglas 'Romeo'
  • Terry panicked when someone attacked Douglas and yelled 'Duggles!'
  • Terry wanted a hug from Douglas.
  • Douglas wanted to give Terry a hug but changed his mind.
  • Terry said Douglas is the only one she cares about.

Bob Zombie

  • They had a wedding.
  • Perry was tricked into thinking she was marrying Douglas.


Yeah, she's a handsome... woman.
I gotta be honest, I'm running towards the light.


  • Terry and Douglas have had at least a few run-ins with the law during their lifetimes.
  • They both have a sibling whom they don't get along with.


Lab Rats 'Gallery'
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