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Looking good and smelling great.

The Bionic 500” is the 13th episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats. It first aired on July 22, 2013. This is the 33rd episode overall.


Davenport and his obnoxious new neighbor agree to settle their differences with a stock car race, however the Lab Rats are forced to get in on the action when they learn that his neighbor has enlisted NASCAR pro, Joey Logano, as his ringer.


Donald and his family are annoyed of a new neighbor who recently moved in because none of them can sleep with him driving his car on their lawn at night. Meanwhile at school, its Locker Reassignment Day and Leo is first in line and wants the corner locker, but it was already taken by a new rich kid named Clayton Harrington, who is using money and bribes to get whatever he wants. Leo then asks Donald for an increase in his allowance to compete with him, which leads Davenport to sarcastically say no. Following that, Donald invites Pierce, the neighbor, over to resolve the dispute over him driving on Davenport's lawn. Clayton, his son, also appears. First Clayton asks someone to take his coat, then Pierce asks Chase to wash his car. After that, they decide to have a stock car race, but instead of deciding whether or not to stop driving on Donald's lawn or not, they decided to put the deeds to their houses on the line by having the winner stay and the loser leave. Davenport apparently practiced in a simulator (which is not shown in the episode, just mentioned) and is ready to race, except Pierce reveals that he hired Joey Logano to drive for him. The race starts, and Donald is losing by 28 laps. When he goes to the pit stop to change tires and gas up the car, Chase finds out that Pierce was cheating by paying Davenport's pit crew to sabotage his car, who then get fired by Davenport. Adam, Bree, and Chase then replace the fired pit crew, Chase optimizing the car for best performance, and Bree changing the tires and filling up the car with gas instantaneously. Davenport begins catching up, then Joey goes to the pit stop and Pierce then tells him that he cheated. Joey then leaves and goes to help Donald. Pierce, not wanting to lose, decides to try to beat Davenport himself. Davenport ends up winning, and his family gets to keep their house. At the end of the episode, Leo got the corner locker and gets upgraded lockers for Adam, Bree, and Chase as well, because Principal Perry was in a very happy mood because Joey left his racing suit behind.


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  • This episode featured the real-life race car driver, Joey Logano.
  • It was said that Davenport gets car sick by just driving to the store, according to Adam.
  • Leo claims that his sleep takes 8 hours to keep him fresh, 10 for the "Leo glow".


  • Pierce asks Clayton to go ask for the keys for the stock car, but Pierce still manages to drive the car even though Clayton never asked Joey.
    • This may not be an error because Joey could have either left the keys in the car or Clayton asked off-scene.
  • When Donald's race car is seen in Pierce's rear view mirror, the words on the hood aren't reversed as they should be.
  • When Pierce showed Donald the zeroes on his phone, the lab rats were amazed, but the phone was not facing them.


Leo: Big D, I need an advance on my allowance.

Donald: Sure. What do you need?

Leo: Five thousand dollars.

Donald: (counting out imaginary bills) Okay, sure. Would you like that in imaginary twenties or imaginary hundreds?

— Leo and Donald
Well, if you ever need a loan, you know where I live. It's the castle at the top of the hill that casts a shadow over your entire existence.
— Pierce
Donald: I can't believe I have to wake up to this.
Leo: I can't believe I have to wake up to that.
Donald: This is Italian silk. A cheetah wishes he looked this good.
Bree: A cheetah would have the decency to cover that up with a robe.
Leo, Bree, and Donald
Donald : Hey Pierce, get your car off my lawn! Let's see how he likes my new high pressure sprinkler system. Set to monsoon. Ha! He's stuck in the mud! (He gets splashed by a bunch of mud)
Leo: And, not anymore.
— Donald and Leo


Clip - The Bionic 500 - Lab Rats - Disney XD Official02:09

Clip - The Bionic 500 - Lab Rats - Disney XD Official


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The Bionic 500!

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