What? You never seen a kid in a ghostbustin' outfit twitchin' on the floor before?

The Haunting of Mission Creek High” is the 20th episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats. It first aired on October 14, 2013. This is the 40th episode overall.


In the school, Principal Perry announced Jasper, the janitor who died in the past, that he will come soon, just like how he came every ten years in the past. Trent shrieked after hearing this, which reveals his fear. Perry then announced that she will be gone for a while. After Leo is tired of Trent picking on him, he found out that he has phasmophobia, or fear of ghosts. He asked Adam and Chase to help him get back at Trent. Leo, Adam, and Chase made up ghosts using their bionics which traumatized Trent. After a while, Leo pitied Trent and decided to tell him the truth, which Trent did not believe. The ghost then haunted the trio, which forced Chase to research and made a gang of ghost hunters, which includes Leo, Adam, and himself. In the school, they showed up and caused havoc around the school. Adam then accidentally sucked a curtain with his vacuum, revealing Principal Perry who was suppose to be gone for a while. Meanwhile Bree and Owen fight over the design for the dance.


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  • Spencer Boldman, who portrays Adam Davenport, stated that this is his favorite episode. 
  • It was first teased in the Lab Rats season 2 promo. 
  • Marcus did not appear in this episode like many people thought he would.
  • This the third episode in a row with Hal Sparks, who plays Donald, absent.
  • This is the second Lab Rats Halloween episode, with the first being Night of the Living Virus.
  • When Leo is explaining to the rats about Perry giving him her pantsuit, her button that says,"I <3 my students" kept flashing from white to the words


  • When Adam, Chase, and Leo decided to capture Jasper, they went out as the parody of the 1984 film, Ghostbusters
  • Adam's vacuum device is similar to the one in the Nickelodeon's show, Danny Phantom
  • Quotes
WHOA! Who's there? You don't know who you're messing with. I'm seven years older than everyone else here!
— Trent when a locker suddenly slams
Leo, there will be plenty of other dances for you to be alone and awkward at.
— Chase to Leo


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For a full transcript of The Haunting of Mission Creek High, click here.


The Haunting of Mission Creek High
My favorite episode is
The Haunting of Mission Creek High!




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The Haunting of Mission Creek High -New Episode - Lab Rats - Disney XD Official

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