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This is a transcript of the episode The Haunting of Mission Creek High. It's still under construction.


Leo: Psst! Hey, guys, you ever have that nightmare where you're standing in the middle of the school in nothing but your birthday suit? Well, it's happening to me! Someone stole my clothes while I was in the shower!

Adam: Well you know, when I lose something, I find it helps to ask yourself: Where's the last place you saw it?

Leo: On my body.

Adam: And you definitely checked there?

Bree: That is so mean. Who would do that to you?

Trent: A-yo!

Adam, Bree, and Chase: Ah.

Leo: Trent? You took my clothes?

Trent: Well, yeah. How else am I supposed to play Attack of the Giant Trent? Fee-fi-fo-fum. I smell the blood of a wimpy one! (sniffs) Get it? (whisper) It's you. (rips the pants) Ooh! Tear in isle two! Looks like your mommy's gonna have to buy you clothes at the "not big and the not tall store". (laughs)

Leo: Why does Trent always pick on me more than anyone else?

Chase: Well, I outsmart him. I've studied his schedule and routine to ensure that we're never alone together. I even know when he is gonna take a...

Trent: Bathroom break! (runs to bathroom)

Chase: Right on time.

Bree: Son, you need a hobby.

Leo: I'm sick of this. I'm gonna go offer Trent a choice. Stop picking on me or suffer rhe consequences.(walks into the lunch room, Trent takes his towel, and Leo screams)

Trent: Camera phones on people, we've got a runner!

(theme song)

(Leo walks out of the school office wearing a pantsuit)

Leo: Lost and found didn't have anything, so principal Perry loaned me her emergency pantsuit.

(Trent walks by and pulls a part of Leo's pantsuit over his head)

Trent: Jacket head!

Adam: Okay that's it. Its time me and Trent had a talk. Now he's disrespecting my brother and casual business atire!

Perry: Looking good, Dooley. Sorry about the crumbs in the pockets, I'm a girl who likes her crackers. Attention, Dandruff donkeys! Tomorrow is the homecoming dance, and if you don't have a date now, keep asking. I love watching rejections!

Bree: How many dances have you been to?

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