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This page is a transcript for The Jet-Wing. Please add to the contents of this page, but only sentences and parts that pertain to the episode The Jet-Wing.

This is a transcript of the episode The Jet-Wing. It's still under construction.


Donald: (Gets little shock from invention) Great! Everything in the lab is officially useless, and I don't have enough money to repair it.

Leo: I know my mom didn't marry you for your money, but I haven't been putting with your antics for nothing.

Bree: (Walks over and sits down) Mr. Davenport, take your time with the lab. I don't mind staying up here. Of course, it won't make up for living in a basement for sixteen years, but it's a start.

Donald: We don't have time. Your capsules have regenerative capabilities. They're crucial to your bionic infrastructures.

Adam: Huh?

Chase: Let me help you. Capsule, good!

Bree: But I haven't been in my capsule all week and I feel fine

Donald: Well, it's only a matter of time before your bionics go haywire 

Adam: Do you know when exactly? Because I have a haircut on Tuesday and if I glitch in the chair, I'm just gonna end up like that trainwreck. (Gestures to Chase

Chase: I get it! I'm short, I look like a lady golfer, and I have a terrible haircut! What else you got?

Adam: How long do you have?

Donald: Look, the longer you go without your capsules, the more likely you'll glitch, so don't use your bionics until I can get enough money to rebuild the lab.

Adam: Uh oh, I feel a glitch coming on! (Punches Chase's arm)

Chase: Ow! You know what? I feel one coming on too! (Pushes Adam off the stool)

Adam: Hey, it's not funny when you hurt me. It's just rude. (Walks out of room)

(Theme Song)

Donald: Okay everybody, family meeting time. 

(Adam raises hand)

Donald: Adam, you don't have to raise to hand to speak, just talk.

Adam: Oh, I've got nothing to say, I'm just airing out my pits.

Donald: The reason I called this family meeting is because we have to make some cutbacks in the family budget, starting with losing our cellphones.

(Everyone gasps)

Bree: Did you not hear me?! I just moved out of of basement! I need this phone!

Adam: I don't get it. Why is this happening?

Chase: Phone gone! We poor now!

Leo: Guys, stop complaining. This is what you do for family. You make sacrifices.

Donald: This goes for you too.

Leo: I barely know you people! I'm keeping my phone. 

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