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Treo (Tr/ent and L/eo) is the enemy pairing between Trent and Leo. Trent bullies Leo a lot in school.

Other Names

  • Lent (Le/o and Tre/nt)
  • Treno (Tren/t and Le/o)


Season 1

Commando App

  • When Trent sniffed Leo, he stepped back.

Air Leo

  • Leo and Trent go against each other in a basketball game.
  • Trent starts rhyming like Leo.
  • Leo uses air sneakers to try and beat Trent.
  • Trent steals Leo's air sneakers.
  • Leo is shocked when he found out Trent stole the sneakers.
  • Leo doesn't think he can beat Trent without the sneakers.
  • Leo tries to trick Trent.
  • Leo, after being convinced by Janelle, goes against Trent without the sneakers.

Season 2

The Haunting of Mission Creek High

  • Leo figures out that Trent is afraid of ghosts.
  • Trent steals Leo's clothes.
  • Trent calls Leo "Jacket Head."
  • Leo confesses to Trent that they were tricking him.
  • Trent says thanks to Leo.
  • Trent tells Leo he'll give him Tuesdays off and Leo accepts.
    • Trent cancels the deal.
  • Trent says he'll put underwear on Leo's head.

Trent Gets Schooled

  • Leo says Trent belongs at a gas station.

Season 3

Not So Smart Phone

  • Leo didn't want Trent to be principal.

Scramble the Orbs

  • Leo's orbs attacked Trent.


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