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This is a transcript of the episode Twas the Mission Before Christmas. It's still under construction.


Tasha: Donald, I just noticed the holiday card we mailed out. What happened to the family portrait we took to celebrate our first Christmas together?

Donald: Oh, I shredded those, these are way more festive.

Adam: Who wants a Christmas cookie?

Leo: Adam, those aren't even cooked!

Adam: Oh, no problem. (activates his laser eyes and burnes the cookies) Careful, they may be hot!

(Bree enters the house)

Bree: Okay. Who covered the entire house in blinking lights? People already think we're weird, we don't need to shine a light on it!

Adam: I did that! I want to make sure Santa Claus comes to our house first!

Bree: Adam, we all love Christmas, but I think you're going a little overboard.

(Chase bangs on the door and then enters, tied in blinking lights)

Bree: (laughs with Chase) That, hovever, is spot-on.

Adam: (to Chase) Hey! Get back above the roof, you're ruining my display!

Chase: You were lucky, I raccoon chewed me free!

(The mission alert goes off)

Donald: That's an urgent mission alert, we have to get to the lab.

(Donald, Adam & Bree rush to the lab, but Chase can't move)

Chase: (still standing) Hello! A little help?

(Chase tries to hop to the lab, but stumbles behind the couch)

Donald: The alert is coming from Facility X, my research center at the frozen tundra.

Leo: Hey, hey, I'm the mission specialist, I'll handle this! The alert is coming from Facility X, his (points at Donald) research center at the frozen tundra.

Adam: Wait... The tundra's near the North Pole... Santa needs our help! You (points at Bree) wrap, you (points at Chase) tape, I'll go hang with the elves!

Donald: Dr. Evans, are you there?

Dr. Evans: Yeah, I'm here! Although... There's been a major vulcanic eruption nearby and we're experiencing aftershocks! I'm afraid if we don't act fast... (communication fails)

Adam: Oh, Merry Christmas to you too, Dr. Evans! Rude!

Donald: Sorry gyus, I know the time's not ideal.

Chase: It's okay, Mr. Davenport, we know what we have to do.

Adam: Yep. Let's crack open some eggnog and hit it hard after the New Year! (runs back up, probably to get eggnog)

(Theme song plays)

Leo: I can't believe you guys have to go on a mission on Christmas Eve. (to Donald) Just to be clear, I don't have to wait for them to open MY presents, right?

Adam: Well, I'm not going to let this ruin my Christmas spirit, so I'll be wearing... my Santa hat!

Chase: Really, Adam? A Santa hat with a mission suit?

Adam: Hey, if the ladies at the bank can wear them at work, so can I!

Donald: I can't re-establish contact with Dr. Evans, the volcano must have knocked out sattelite communications. It's giant ash-cloud has plunged the area into total darkness. There is no way rescue teams will be able to get through.

Bree: Well, that means Dr. Evans is trapped.

Adam: He's better off, the airports are packed this time-a-year.

Donald: There's an automated transport ready to take you up there, but without sattelite communications, Leo and I won't be on the comset.

Chase: Well, it will be tough navigating through a mission without the constant sound of Leo chumping on carrot sticks.

Leo: (eating a carrot) Hey! You know I'm a stress-eater!

(Next scene. House bell rings. Leo and Tasha are in the living room)

Leo: Oh, I got it. Must be grandma with her holiday fees, well perhaps, some carolists have come to spread some holiday cheers. (opens the door) Merry-

Principal Perry: Hey Dooley.

Leo: Aah! (quicly closes the door) Call hey. Turn off the lights. Everybody hide.

Tasha: Leo! (opens the door for Principal Perry) Hi.

Donald: I'm with him, I'll be behind the tree.

Principal Perry: Sorry to bother you, but I ran into some car trouble while doing one of my favorite utile traditions.

Tasha: Oh, you were driving around looking at Christmas lights?

Principal Perry: No! I was tearing through peddles trying to splash carollers. Took a corner to fast and accidentally ran over some of your decorations. (shows a Santa decoration with a big ugly tyre mark) Ho-ho-ho, here you go.

Donald: (takes the ruined decoration) I see. Were you driving a tractor?


Adam: Hey guys, look! A giant crystal ball, I'm gonna ask it a question! (Starts rubbing it) When will Chase start to look like a man?

Dr. Evans: Aah, careful, careful! It's a gamma sphere.  It's a containment vessel for the most powerful source of energy known to men. Gamma rays. If we can harness these, we can solve the world's energy problems. Davenport and I have been working on this for years.

Chase: Wowowowo. Iwas trying to develop a gamma sphere for Mr. Davenport.

Dr. Evans: Well, I guess I beat you to it, little guy. But don't feel bad. Nobody's perfect. In fact, if they gave out medals for trying, you would have a gold!

Chase: Are you petronizing (sic) me?

Dr. Evans: Hahahaha... It's patronizing. And yes!

Chase: You do realize I'm the smartest person on the planet?

Dr. Evans: Mmm. And every time you have to say it, it diminishes it just a little bit. (makes a shrinking gesture with his fingers)

Bree: (to Adam) Are you watching this?

Adam: I can't look away.

Dr. Evans: Luckily, the sphere wasn't damaged during the eruption, even the slightest crack could have had catastrophic consequences.

Adam: Like what?

Dr. Evans: The gamma-rays would have blown a hole in the athmosphere, and wiped out 20% of the population. 

Bree: Well, that is Davenport Industries, risking the fate of mankind since 1992!

Chase: Come on, Dr. Evans, we gotta get you outta here!

Dr. Evans: Whoa, I can't leave until I've stabilized a few things, If you all help me this won't take very long.

Chase: Oh it won't take long. Because I'm smart!

Dr. Evans: You said it again. (makes the shrinking gesture again)



Dr. Evans: Wow, don't get too close. If that crack opens up, those gamma rays will mix with the ash cloud and... say goodbye northern hemisphere!

Chase: Can we patch the crack?

Dr. Evans: Patch the crack? Billion-dollar technology, unstable energy source... Sure, let's put a little chewing gum in there and see if that works.

Chase: Startin' to see why the hologram-wife left.

Adam: Hey, how about I shoot my heat vision at it?

Bree How would that help?

Adam: I don't know, it's what I do!

(The crack gets worse)

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