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This page is a transcript for Unauthorized Mission. Please add to the contents of this page, but only sentences and parts that pertain to the episode Unauthorized Mission.

This is a transcript of the episode Unauthorized Mission. It's still under construction.


Chase: Nice work guys. That mission was a total success.

Adam: Maybe for you. Nothing caught on fire or blew up, to me colossal failure!

Leo: Well, good news. You got heat vision and a whole afternoon ahead of you. Go make something happen!

Bob: Hey, Adam. While you were gone I got to boogey-board with the dolphins!

Adam: Bob, Those weren't dolphins. These are clearly the bites of an angry catfish. (gestures to bitten boogey-board)

Bob: Wow! Is there anything you don't know?

Bree: I don't think we should let those two play together anymore.

Sebastian: Uh-huh. Hey Chase, on the next mission, do you think I might actually be able to do something?

Chase: You did get to do something. You watched me be an amazing mission leader, most people would pay to see that.

Bree: And then demand a refund!

Sebastian: I'm just saying, the whole purpose of me going on the mission, is to get some hands-on training.

Chase: And you did! you handed me my flashlight and my lip balm, thank you!

Sebastian: But I'm the best student here! I've been acing all of my training exercises! without practice, how am I going to be mission leader?

Chase: Oh, and that's just it. you wont, 'cause I'm mission leader.

Adam: Yea, you can't be mission leader too, because I would have to make fun of both of you, and there aren't enough hours in the day. I need some me time!

Bree: Hey, Chase. stop being such a control freak ok? Sebastian seems perfectly capable.

Sebastian: Aww, thanks. (smiles at Bree)

Bree: My, Pleasure. (smiles back)

Chase: Ok, our next mission, stopping that!

Bob: (from outside) Hey look! I'm wrangling an angry catfish!

Adam: Whoa, Look at him go! (laughs) Yea, that's not a catfish.

(Theme song)

Chase: (Flips Leo onto mat)

Spin: (Walks in) Hey, I just heard Leo got to go on a mission! Why'd he get picked and not me?!

Chase: Well, Spin. Leo and Sebastian both excelled in their training this week. Plus, Mr. Davenport considered many other factors. Like experience, bionic abilities, social dynamics–

Leo: Too short, too young. Bye-Bye.

(Donald walks in)

Spin: Mr. Davenport, do you think I'm too young to go on missions?

Donald: And too short. I thought Leo just covered that.

Spin: But Leo brags all the time about how you sent him on a misison when he was younger to stop a runaway train.

Donald: Yeah, technically he snuck on.

Leo: But I was there... (Does a hero stance) and I was awesome.

Donald: Look just focus on your training and eventually your time will come.

Spin: Ugh! This isn't fair! I'm never gonna get to go on a mission!

Donald: Did you see how I handled that Leo? These kids are so lucky to have me.

Leo: Too old, too vain. Bye-bye!

(Next Scene)

Bree: Wow, I got to hand it to you Mr. Davenport. You did a really good job designing this place.

Donald: This academy is my greatest achievement, of all the things I've built. This is the one I'm most proud of.

(Perry comes out of Hydro Loop)

Perry: Morning Don, morning girl.

Donald: The island is contaminated! Quick, get everyone to a life boat! We can blow it up! I wasn't that attached to it anyways!

Bree: How did you get on our hydroloop?!?

Perry: I dated your security guard for three weeks to gain his trust. When that didn't work, I knocked him out and stole his keys.

Donald: How much ocean do we have to put between us to get away from you?

Perry: Ain't enough water in the world. My webbed toes double as flippers. When I spread them out, they look like baby pterodactyl's.

Donald: Why are you here?

Perry: I retired. The school just wasn't the same without my favorite freaks to torment. I tried, but I couldn't hate the new kids as much as I hate you guys. Anywho, a little birdy told me your robot school is looking for an administrator.

Donald: Yeah, we're not. But tell you what, leave your resume, and we'll call you if we ever loose our minds.

Perry: Oh. How about a gardener?

Donald: No.

Perry: Short order cook?

Donald: No.

Perry:Unlicensed phsycotherapist?

Donald: No!

Perry: Look, I'm bored an I want to get back in the game. Just tell me what you need. I could be your barber, nobody likes a pretty girl with long hair.

Bree: Okay, the only thing we need is a security gaurd, to keep people like you out.

Perry: Yes! I could be your head of security! I've been a warden, a guard, any position in prison, i've held it. Including inmate.

Donald: Sorry cell block Sally, we're not hiring.(pushes Perry into hydroloop)

Perry: But you need me!

Bree: Her shirt got stuck.

Donald: Yeah, that's the mainlands problem now.

(next scene)

Donald: What? Me be the center of attention? I couldn't (Hops onto platform)

Sebastian: Go ahead and power up the mainframe.

Donald: Alrighty. (Powers up simulator and it sends him flying)

Bree: Mr. Davenport!

Adam: That's nothing. Wait until he meets the monkeys. (Runs over to Donald)

Leo: Big D, are you alright?

Donald: (Winces in pain from being blasted in the chest) I think so.

Chase: I don't get it. Our design was flawless.

Bree: No, come on. Let's get him to the medic.

Sebastian: Good idea. Go!

(Everyone leaves except Sebastian)

Sebastian: You took away my father, I'm going to take away yours.

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