Underwater Breathing is one of the Adam Davenport's powers along with the some of the other Bionic Superhumans.


Adam Davenport:

  • He showed this ability for the first time in Sink or Swim.

Bionic Soldiers (Some members; possibly):

  • They have not been shown, but it is still possible some of the soldiers have this ability.


  • Underwater breathing is a passive ability, which means Adam didn't have to know he had this because it was part of his properties, like his Super Strength.
  • It is the only hidden ability which appeared to be passive.
  • Until Spike vs. Spikette, it was also the only known passive ability which wasn't described as a "Super X" ability.
    • Another passive ability called Thermokinesis was shown in that episode, also not having a "Super X" name.


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Season 3

Season 4

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