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We're never going to be able to fix that chip unless we can get Bree to stay in one place.
Donald to Leo

“Which Father Knows Best?”
Season 3, Episode 11
Douglas and bree
Air Date

July 7, 2014

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Kenny Byerly


“Guy Distad”

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Three Minus Bree


Cyborg Shark Attack

Which Father Knows Best?” is the 11th episode in Season 3 of Lab Rats. It first aired on July 7, 2014. This is the 57th episode overall.


When Donald fails at rebuilding Bree's bionic chip, Leo recruits Douglas behind Donald's back and they have to work together to repair Bree's bionic chip.


As Donald attempts to repair Bree's damaged chip, the replacement chip keeps malfunctioning, much to Donald's frustration. Though Leo believes Douglas can help since he was the original creator, Donald refuses to even see his brother again. Realizing Donald won't change his mind, Leo finds Douglas anyway, who reluctantly agrees to help. While Donald is away, Douglas creates a new chip as close to the original as possible, and though is seems to work, it also malfunctions by causing Bree to run uncontrollably. The three manage to keep her still, the Davenports' still can't find a solution. After several minutes, they finally find the error and collaborate for the first time in years, fixing Bree's chip and saving her life (since her heart would've exploded from the strain of her uncontrollable speed). Meanwhile, Adam and Chase try to find a way to replace Bree's speed, with varying success. While Chase manages to power up Davenport's motorcycle to go 400 mph, it runs out of gas almost instantly. After Bree's chip is fixed, Donald still kicks out his brother. While watching Bree apologize for her mistake, Donald realizes everyone deserves a second chance. The next morning, Donald offers his brother a chance to move in with them temporarily, who accepts.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Sandy Martin as Greta
  • Marnie Crossen as Myrtle

Mentioned Cast


  • Douglas has been forgiven by Donald.
  • Douglas has been on the run from Krane, going undercover as a street vendor.
  • Victor Krane is mentioned in this episode.
  • As a running gag, the chip fabricator keeps getting used as a microwave.
  • According to Donald, Leo can't handle high-fiber cereal.
  • Bree had lots of glitches with her super speed in this episode.
  • Douglas is currently living with the Dooley/Davenport family.
  • When Donald is fixing Bree's chip and Leo keeps interrupting and distracting him, this may be a reference to Night of the Living Virus. Unlike that episode however, Leo is actually trying to help.
  • This episode was aired on August 2, 2014 on Disney Channel as part of the Saturday Night Comedy Block.
  • Official description from the press release: Davenport's attempts at rebuilding Bree's bionic chip fail, forcing Leo to go behind his back and ask Douglas for help.
  • After Bree destroyed her chip and losing all her bionics, she regains them back in this episode.
  • This episode is a continuation of Three Minus Bree.


  • When Bree was super-speeding non-stop, Leo could've called Chase to use his override app on her, and it would've saved her life.


  • Wile-E Coyote is referenced in this episode.


Donald: Well, Bree, you smashed your chip so badly it's useless; but, I was able to replicate my brother's original chip, and - like my face - it's flawless.

Leo: Forget the chip. We need to get this dude a mirror.

— Donald and Leo
Leo: You know, Big D, if this works, maybe you can make a chip for me.

Donald: Please. Your body can't handle high-fibre cereal.

— Leo and Donald
Leo: Please? Dad?

Douglas: I'm not your dad.

Leo: Well, you're everybody else's dad! I thought it might work!

— Leo and Douglas
Chase: You're... gonna teach me how to catch a football?

Adam: No, I'm tryin' to fix the Bree problem, not do the impossible.

— Chase and Adam
Donald: Spike strip, where'd you get that idea, your hair?

Douglas: Where'd you get the airbag idea, your belly?

— Donald and Douglas


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Douglas and bree
My favorite episode is
Which Father Knows Best?!




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